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  1. 1motofan

    Motocross Who Can Beat Dungey

    Who will give Dungey competition this fall.
  2. 1motofan

    Motocross Dungey Very disappointing

    Very disappointing…for you and those watching and wanting to see Dungey eat a face full of roost…motocross season this year in the 450 class has been boring with the exception of Alessi giving it his best shot. With all the top riders out on injury…the motocross 450 title of “champion” doesn’t hold quite the same meaning…to be a champion one must beat a champion and RV2 didn’t line up this season….or Chad Reed and we only saw a flash of brilliance from JS7 at the start of this season. I hope next year will be more exciting than watching Dungey beat everyone who isn’t in the top 5. Oh well…I for one wanted to see JS7 give the 450 class the excitement and competition it is starving for.