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  1. Your buddy is on his own most likely. Had a friend lose 4 bikes to theft at the house. One was not his and not insured by the owner for theft. Their was no payout for that gentleman.
  2. Jetmech727

    Any 40+ guys here?

    Its called life happens. I have traveled extensively for work, was a mechanic on an ARCA stock car team for several years, plus other things. Never home. Not a lot of time to play with bikes. Other hobbies have fit in like scuba etc. You can travel with dive gear fairly easy. Now that I am more stationary and have moved to a place with lots of ride and play areas, it’s my turn. Besides, I am to hyper to stay still for more than 5 min. at a time. I’m sure most of us returning riders have a lot of the same stories. Also I was noticing some of my coworkers becoming sedatary, getting fatter by the month, having health issues. I was talking about this with another guy that seemed to be in fairly good shape and my age. He said I ride and race for fun. It forces me to exercise and eat right to be somewhat competitive. That started it all for me.
  3. Having a home, multiple cars, bikes, a life insurance policy and umbrella policy does make a difference on your rates. As well as safe driver with no claims or tickets. I have a second home my mom lives in had two many claims in one year (big claims from tree damage) from Multiple storms months apart in 2011 and they still cancelled the policy on that house. Point is don't file a bunch of claims if you hit a tree and bend the forks, drop it the river etc. You'll get dropped and be looking again for a new carrier. Use your policy for the major incidents. Most of the things we do to our bikes we can fix ourselves.
  4. I have the same deal through State Farm on all of my bikes. Same rate too. I wanted it for the liability as much as the stolen bike coverage. I even have my Baja Mini Bike on the policy for liability. You never know when a friend might decide to hit a tree with it at the house break a few bones and call a few leaches, I mean lawyers.
  5. Jetmech727

    Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X Tires

    Good info here. Dennis Kirk has the rear for $65.60. https://www.denniskirk.com/dirt-bike/pirelli/tires-motorcycle-and-dirt-bike/95:5667-126:9901-2:61.attrs I have a hare scramble the end of next month. I'll give it a try. The Bridgestone on the front is to new to replace. Gotta get my money out of it first. I'm way over my bike budget for the year. It happens.
  6. Jetmech727

    Any 40+ guys here?

    Just ran my first hare scramble at 48. Had a blast. Can't wait until the next one. I was running 8th out of 21 riders in the beginner class until the rear went flat. The hills in north GA can be brutal. Have to step up to the next class now. http://highlandparkresort.com/
  7. Any one using this tire? What do you think about it? It comes in my size 100/100-18. I ride woods and hare scrambles in GA. Rocks, roots, clay, hard stuff, can also be pretty slick when wet. My KTM 250XCF-W came with Bridgestone 203/204 tires on it. I now have Bridgestone 403/404's on it. I liked the 203/204's better. I feel they had more grip but didn't last quite as long. I was wanting to give the Pirelli's a try.
  8. Jetmech727

    Trying to make a decision...

    EXCELLENT!!! Don't be afraid to get her dirty. I like em dirty.
  9. Jetmech727

    Trying to make a decision...

    Great!! I'm Jealous. I need to wait a year to pull any triggers. Put some pic's up when you get it. Take them in the woods too, I like seeing where other people ride.
  10. Jetmech727

    Trying to make a decision...

    I have an non street legal 09, 250 XCF-W. For woods riding it's great. It's nimble, light and handles well. I don't call the power excessive but its enough for me and the hills. I have cruised some logging roads at around 70. It does vibrate at that speed. The 350 would probably do better on the open road, less fatigue and no modification required for the street. Making a bike street legal in GA is a pain. I haven't ridden a 350 on trails so can't say what it would be like. I was on a 450 yesterday and you can tell it on the really tight trails, I had to man handle it a little more and didn't need all that power. I am not a great rider and not use to the bigger bike either. I'm on the 250 once a week.
  11. Jetmech727

    X Bushing on 2012+ EXC/XCW's

    I have always been apprehensive about grinding off material in that area. High stress point. If you do want to pay for international shipping, KTM World http://www.ktmworld....n-services.aspx can tell you the best route for lowering a bike and it can be reset back to factory if needed. Thats around $400.00 USD. They also have a works suspention package for $950.00 USD. It's a local shop for me in GA I am going to get it done on my bike. Everyone who has had it done says it is the best setup they have ever had. Since you would not give them the whole bike mayby they can knock off a few bucks for one or both. It never hurts to ask.
  12. Jetmech727

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I wish I didn't. I have a heavily wooded 2 acres on a lake and can't see any of mine. They here me when I ride in the backyard. I'm the old crazy white haired tattooed guy that rides dirt bikes and drinks beer. They think I'm nuts and leave me alone for the most part. I see some of their kids out on the trails when I ride. We have a good laugh about it. After a couple of good crashes I decided not to try and keep up with some of the kids. One is really good. He is going to do well in te GNCC stuff in the area. He has talked me Into doing some local Hare Scambles too. I'm going to do my first one Dec. 2nd.
  13. Jetmech727

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I call though's neighbors.
  14. Jetmech727

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I love Rosey.
  15. Jetmech727

    2009, 250XCF-W, I want more power.

    Ok, from whom? HT Racing has the best price. Their web sites not great about explaining everything. I assume I have to send the top end in for the sleeve install. Thumper says sleeve must be installed by an experienced machinist, or send the top end in for $150.00. I'm a good mechanic, not a machinist. Plus I don't have machinist tools at the house. I would just send them my top end. Better to have it done right. The online retailers and KTM 's bolt on cost more than HT or Thumper. Should I get the carb rejetted too?