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  1. deano66

    XR80 bog off idle

    @tdubster... read this http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/48319-2002-xr80-carb-jetting/
  2. Just my $0.02... I posted the EXACT same problem a few days ago for an XR80 so I would guess that it has nothing to do with the reeds. The bike has the same running issues you mentioned in the first post and I've done the same... up/down on the pilot, reverted to stock settings, using recommended settings for the exhaust and other mods. Nothing seems to fix it. This is a somewhat old thread... did you find any solution? @always: Float has been adjusted and needle seat replaced. No go.
  3. deano66

    XR80 bog off idle

    @anyone. Any other ideas on a fix?
  4. deano66

    XR80 bog off idle

    @FGR01... no the choke doesn't impact it at all. It did after I first got it back together but that was only due to the pilot being clogged.
  5. deano66

    XR80 bog off idle

    @Krannie... It has a full big gun exhaust on it and it is indeed incredibly loud. It was bought back in the day when manufacturers assumed that louder=faster... you know... when all the tracks started getting shut down. The weird thing is that a few years ago I never had this problem. The jetting is the same as it was: Stock needle, 3rd clip - 100 main - 35 pilot. I believe stock settings were 2nd clip and a 95 on the main for the record. The idle srew is 2 turns out and air screw is 1 and 3/4 out. When I rebuilt it I had the jug bored 50 over (from 25)... would that cause any significant impact? I'll run the mile test this weekend and post up the results.
  6. I recently rebuilt this bke after several years of sitting in my garage out of commission. And yes, the carburator has been cleaned, recleaned, and recleaned again. All the jets are perfectly clear. The bike starts right up and idles fine, and heck, it even runs fairly well. The problem is this: the throttle must be rolled on incredibly slowly and gradually for the bike to run at all. If I grab a handful, the bike bogs incredibly bad and nearly dies. When it's on the stand, I can't pump the throttle a all without the same thing happening. It seems that above half throttle the problem fades but there is still a noticeable hesitation/ Any ideas on what the fix could be? Maybe going up or down a size on the pilot?