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  1. I just unlocked the "Overshare" badge on @foursquare! http://t.co/8pgw01PD

  2. Leaving Dayton in 2 hours! I'm going to miss my family so much! But I have to make money, and there isn't much... http://t.co/E8ecJ0XJ

  3. There's a groundhog in front of the barn and Charlie stared at it a few times but would rather see what the... http://t.co/GlYlrYiW

  4. As we see the bear sleeping in his natural habitat, lol. http://t.co/Pn340dbJ

  5. A little over 24 hours left. I'm all packed except for my bedding. Trying to keep it light until I get back by... http://t.co/cFc5zwjj

  6. Less than 36 hours until I leave for Marshfield, WI! I'm nervous and excited. And for anyone considering Roehl,... http://t.co/RxkmxOuO

  7. Finishing the bathroom remodel today and tomorrow along with some other things I can get to while I wait for mud... http://t.co/bpiRegE3

  8. I have a new job! The major details are on my Pop's Trucking page, but in a nutshell I am going to orientation... http://t.co/7GmCsxCH

  9. Some hot rodders use an old beer keg for a fuel tank, some truck guys use a racing fuel cell, I plan to use a 50... http://t.co/fHjCR3MI

  10. Theo Gray's periodic table table http://t.co/44uteYMv