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  1. I have a Clake One Light Clutch on my ktm 300. http://www.clake.com.au/
  2. Zeus33rd

    [kinda graphic?] First Spill on the DRZ400 - Lesson Learned

    What he said. I wasn't wearing anything but a hoodie and a t-shirt for torso protection in the video. I ordered a $250+ Leatt 3DF AirFit pressure suit thingy the very next day. I think I might have gotten away with only bruised ribs if I had been wearing something similar when I crashed.
  3. Zeus33rd

    [kinda graphic?] First Spill on the DRZ400 - Lesson Learned

    If you watch close, I stuck my left foot out to kick out a big fat sideways roost at the top of the hill. Tire hooked up and grabbed instead of sliding out..There was waaaaay more traction there than I accounted for. lol
  4. Zeus33rd

    [kinda graphic?] First Spill on the DRZ400 - Lesson Learned

    Broke a rib with this crash, 10 mins after leaving the truck. Still rode for another hour, still had fun. Video hurts to watch...f-bomb or two as well. I'm still going strong, this was months ago. I'm onto wheelie practice now- still crashing and still going through rear fenders like skittles. Crashing is part of riding dirtbikes. Same as adversity is part of life. My motto is "can't stop, won't stop". <3
  5. To answer your question, I am a 100% disabled (ptsd) army veteran. My income comes in the form of VA disability. Head over to your recruiter and sign up if you want an income, college and all the rest. You can join at 17 with parents permission. You could have that new KTM or Yamaha or whatever, VERY quickly if you do. There are almost always sign-on bonus for select jobs. Sometimes $30k+. Military not for everyone, but it IS for some. Food for thought
  6. Zeus33rd

    Phone in hydration pack?

    Have a look at the OtterBox "dry box". https://www.otterbox.com/en-us/otterbox/drybox-3250-series/otr10-drybox-3250.html My phone (lg v20) is 3.5x6.75" w/ Otterbox defender case on it. The phone (with case) fits just perfect inside the box, along with my wallet and truck keys. I then drop the box in my Camelback MULE pack. Box is built like a tank, padded inside, water proof and bash proof.
  7. Zeus33rd

    Where do you get your parts?

    Slavens, Rocky mountain, and Amazon for non-wear or maintenance/upkeep items. Dealer for those things. Oil, spark plugs etc.
  8. Zeus33rd

    KTM 360MXC top end rebuild.

    Ok...A new option has arisen. A 2000 300MXC for the same kinda deal, needs top and bottom end for sure. Which one? This one or the '97 360MXC?
  9. Zeus33rd

    KTM 360MXC top end rebuild.

    Plan to have fun with it...lol Seriously though, I'm in Grass Valley, CA and most of the riding you find around here would be similar to riding at Hollister Hills. I'm 45 minutes from Fordyce Creek Trail and a couple hours from the Rubicon. Pretty much a little bit of everything BUT high speed desert stuff.
  10. Zeus33rd

    KTM 360MXC top end rebuild.

    Would it keep up with a CR500?
  11. Zeus33rd

    KTM 360MXC top end rebuild.

    Friend of a friend has a '97 360MXC in need a of a top end rebuild...I can get this for a STEAL. A runner other than the top end. Can any one link me to some place (online) where I could buy all the needed parts, a service manual and maybe a GOOD youtube video? I'm a two stroke n00b, but from everything I've read, the top ends are way simple to rebuild. Easily within my mechanical capability and tools on hand. Is there some sort of "big bore" kit available for this bike? Would it be worth it?
  12. Zeus33rd

    Which KTM closest to XR650R?

    I've seen that one...not lookin for a 450 though. Certainly in good shape though. And that reminds me...anyone on here live close to Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA?
  13. Zeus33rd

    Which KTM closest to XR650R?

    And unrelated... Whats the difference between a 525exc and a 530exc?
  14. Zeus33rd

    Which KTM closest to XR650R?

    lol, might as well start another post... That is a nice lookin bike fore sure. As hard as I am on things and what I forsee myself doing to this motorcycle, I'd feel like a giant doucher if I did it to a nice bike like that I forsee pushing the bike (and myself) to its limits and breaking things on a regular basis....won't be long before it's just gonna be butt ass ugly from me f**kin it up all the time. As a more or less life time mechanic, I'm not wired to ignore somethings mechanical maintenance and function...but I'm absolutely a function over form kinda guy. So yeah, I'm not gonna unleash my 'HULK SMASH' riding style on a nice, big classy girl like that LC4 you have.
  15. Zeus33rd

    Which KTM closest to XR650R?

    I guess I should have specified better....I'm interested in the more "extreme" (i feel like a wanker saying that word...) enduro/offroad type stuff, hill climbs where you may or not make it to the top, jumps, hopping over logs, stream/river crossings, mud, snow, rocks, cross country etc.The bigger /street/enduro machines- KLR's, 650L's, KTM's bigger than these 510's, and whatever model from Suzuki, are just to big and heavy. With no more than an hour or so road time to get to these places. I'm within 45 minutes of Fordyce Trail and less than 3 hours from the Rubicon, so those will definitely be on the list of adventures to undertake with whatever new bike I get. I've driven both these trails in rock crawling buggies with large- 42"+ tall tires, and there's no way I'd want to ride one of those heavy pigs over either trail. I had considered the XR650R to be the very top of the size limit...till I found the KTM 510 motor bikes. They seem perfect for what I want to do. I did find a decent deal on a Husky 510TE...which gives me something else to read about...lol ~edit~ And thanks for the tip on zoomthelist.