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  1. scooter996

    front blinker options

    Alright. Well after 4-5 hours of cutting and measuring the baja rear fender looks awesome. Boy after I had it all installed I tried to connect just the running light and it wouldnt work. Then I attached all the wires and wolla it worked. Boy was I sweating bullets. I guess that everything must be conncetd to complete the circut? I went with clear smaller turn signals and heres my problem. What have you guys done to the front turn signals and please include pics. I am considering the acerbis handguards with the turn signals but what are your guys thoughts. I did purchase the smaller style front signals but I am not sure its as visiable as the rear. I tried to mount them on the perchs up front but I couldnt get it tight enough.
  2. scooter996

    bar ends

    I am looking at removing the bar end weights so I can install a set of zeta handguards. I also ride on the highway alot. Do the bars become very vibey on the highway riding since there will be no bar end weights or does the mounting of the handguards make it solid? I know its an odd question but I need comfort. I hate tingley hands.
  3. scooter996

    S owners 15/41

    I ride ALOT of highway-barely any offroad and if it is its all fast stuff. How do you guys like this gearing for the highway? Does it cut down on the vibes at all? Does it kill the clutch when pulling away from a stoplight or stop sign? Do you have to slip the clutch alot? I did a search and think this was the most commen gearing for the s. No I am not going to do the 16 front-heard too many stories of cutting into the swingarm etc. Any help or thoughts would be great.
  4. scooter996

    S owners 15/41

    So should I consider 15/40 instead of the 15/41? Has anybody done that one? Man I just wish they came out with a drz with a 6th gear, newer styling and tade bit more power.
  5. How do you know which jet kit to get?
  6. scooter996

    which bike to buy?

    if I, which i currently am about to do, would get the 610 HUSKY hands down
  7. scooter996

    New Ufo Panther Headlight *****pics*****

    I like it. Do you think the yellow is the newer color yellow for the DRZ? Or would it be the older mustard color?
  8. scooter996

    Too soon to switch to full synthetic oil?

    I work for an oil comapny and completely agree with tardmonkey.
  9. scooter996

    RMZ450 pipe on DRZ?

    Will the exhaust can of a RMZ450 fit on to the stock header pipe of a DRZ400s or has anyone tried. I like the quiet OEM sound now but love the look of the RMZ can.
  10. scooter996

    What kind of helmet you wearing??

    ARAI XD. I keep hearing issues of whistling but mine has never had that problem. Its even fine on the highway with the beak ontop. NO issues what so ever. Even got yellow to match the DRZ :>
  11. scooter996

    When is the 2009 DRZ400SM Out???

    Id only buy an 09 if it has a stronger engine and or a 6 gears otherwise isnt it just an 08 in different colors?
  12. scooter996

    Besides the DRZ

    If I had to do it over again, which I currently am-Im in the market for a 07-08 Husqvarna SM610.
  13. scooter996

    DR-Z400s or sm???

    I wish I would have bought a sm instead of my s, thats for sure. I thought I would do more mud-offroad riding but with the amount I do the Sm would have been fine
  14. scooter996

    How's the DR-Z 400 on the highway?

    Get a Husqvarna 610SM. You wont be disappointed
  15. scooter996

    zeta handguards

    Does anyone have either of these and if so how do you like them? Pics would be great as well. Do you have to cut them back at all so the lever doent hit the insode back of them? http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop?action=category&cat_id=76
  16. scooter996

    frame oil screen torlbs

    How many pounds do you torque the frame oil screen bolt down to? I am changing oil this weekend and thought that I would take a shot and remove it this time.
  17. scooter996

    Suzuki DRZ400 or Husqvarna 510SMR

    I am selling my 2006 drz4oos so I can buy the sm610 husky. I heard that the 510 it too much of a focused race bike with lights but the sm610 is much beter suited to everyday rideablility. Go with the 610.
  18. scooter996

    Veterans / Military Members ride DRZs

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have served and made this country free and safe for my family. Thank you guys so much.
  19. scooter996

    Chain rollers

    The top one on my bike fell off and when I replaced it I did this-since the bolt screws from the inside to the outside of the bike I was able to screw a nut on the OTHERSIDE of the frame where the bolt exits. NOT going anywhere now.
  20. scooter996

    frame oil screen torlbs

    Is it even worth changing or just added work? I just wonder how many have changed or cleaned and and found that its clean to begin with
  21. scooter996

    Chain Roller falls off? Help

    Thanks. Ill stop in the local dealer and just take a peak and see how they have the wire shroud holder on there as well. I just wonder how the heck to tighten the nut up? I have already moved the coolant reservior and man thats a tight space.
  22. scooter996

    Chain Roller falls off? Help

    Just got back from a ride and when I got home I noticed that the small "roller skate wheel" looking chain guide which usually is on the inside of your left ankle had fallen off and was just sitting by the rear shock mount. I cant tell if the bolt sheered off or what had happened. Is this common? Can someone take a picture of theirs from the side or does anyone have a scematic of how the parts should go back on and what the bolt should be torque down to? I dont know if something else is missing or not. Did I do any damage, whats the roller wheel for? It seems to be a bolt with the wheel with a shield on the ouside and then a clip that keeps wires away from certain areas.
  23. scooter996

    Chain Roller falls off? Help

    Thanks iyts number 14. I dont see the shield on the picture though or the wire clip. Any ideas which way the shileld goes?
  24. scooter996

    3x3 mod

    I am interested in doing the 3x3 mod and jet kit. I have been doing alot of searches and it sounds pretty simple. What will I need for this if the pipe is stock? Can I go from an OEM pipe and then to a yoshi pipe at a later date and if so will I need to re-jet for it?