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  1. kxfsledder

    Slip on exhaust for a 2012 KX250F

    So can you get a spark arrestor for the stock exhaust? I don't need more power this thing is great stock. For an old guy like me, using the bikes full potential is not going to happen. I have been riding quads, bikes and sleds for 30 years never once bought an aftermarket exhaust. Surprised this bike doesn't have a spark arrestor.
  2. kxfsledder

    Slip on exhaust for a 2012 KX250F

    Midwest Division, How do you like the new FMF 4.1 pipe? Did you see any gains or change in sound? Thanks!
  3. kxfsledder

    Fork Oil Change After Break-In?

    I am guessing alot of people over look this and just dont do it. What does a shop charge?
  4. kxfsledder

    Fuel to feed my KXF ? 110 oct.

    He didn't go into detail on it. Just made the comment he can tell who runs it and who doesn't. I said "effects" above, that might of been a poor choice of words.
  5. kxfsledder

    Fuel to feed my KXF ? 110 oct.

    This is the samething my local engine builder told me to do. 50/50 race fule (turbo blue) and non ethanol. He wasnt a fan of the oxy type fuels said he has seen the effects when he pulls them apart for a rebuild. He did say there is a benefit to using the oxys but not for someone like me that just rides the local races for fun.
  6. kxfsledder

    Gasoline question...My 1st 4 stroke!

    Around me all I can find that doesnt have Ethanol is Turbo blue and it had lead in it. Can I run leaded fuel in FI Bike?
  7. kxfsledder

    Best MX lift stand?

    Does the P-12 slam down when you realease it?
  8. kxfsledder

    Slip on exhaust for a 2012 KX250F

    I hadnt even thought about the spark screen being an issue. I think I need it for the local harescrambles. Is this what a spark arrestor consist of?
  9. kxfsledder

    Slip on exhaust for a 2012 KX250F

    This might be a dumb question. I am new to fuel injected bikes and not sure what needs to be done if I get a new slip on and install. I need to get one that has a spark arrestor for woods riding. Can i just put on a new pro circuit and go or do I need a FI programmer? Any help is appreciated!
  10. Are you happy that you went with the roof vent?
  11. Well I ended up ordering my new trailer a few weeks ago. I went with a Ramp Door again. They didnt charge extra for the ramp door so I went with it. Also had them add Aluminum wheels, two tone exterior, extra interior lighting, side vents and mount the spare tire. I can see the benefits of both door options. In my case I can use the side door for easy access and getting boots on. The trailer is a 6 x 12 with a 2 foot V. Should work ok for my bike and my daughters little DRZ70. Does anyone know if you can get four bikes in a trailer this size? It sure looks like I would be able to.
  12. We sold the quad and snowmobiles this year. The ramp was the only way to go with the sleds. Just down to 2 bikes now sometimes 3 bikes.
  13. Maybe I am off on this but I was thinking a little 2x6 3 feet long would be fne for a ramp?
  14. I am in the market for a new trailer. Just sold my old one, that had a fold down ramp. It was ok but sometimes the ramp caused some problem's due to the foot print that it took up. One time we opened it up and did not watch closely and had placed it on a large rock well after loading back up found a big dent. I also felt like I lost storage options to the barn door style. It sealed up well and never leaked and was nice to have a large entry ramp. How are the barn doors when it comes to a water tight seal? The other drawback is i will need to carry a ramp if I go with the barn door style. All ideas welcome!