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    50+ riders

    53 here; just got back from Moab, UT riding in the desert/rocks on my KTM 525.....home ride is a YZ450F. Still healing from a crash last week but will back in the saddle in a month or so.
  2. I just came back from Moab, UT riding for 3 days in the desert. I have a YZ450F set up for trails and ride almost exclusively on the Maine snowmobile trails (ie, double track woods trails). Unfortunately, on the last day I was climbing some technical sections of rocks and had a low speed dump on my KTM 525...the bike was on a very narrow rock and when it tipped to the left I put my foot out to catch the bike....but the actual ground was about 5 feet below. I fell on my side onto the rocks and broke my hip....(really the top of my femur). I was wearing high quality protective gear everywhere else but my Fox M/C pants only had the thin pads on the hips. I will need better hip armor because I can't do this again. Anyone have a good recommendation for heavier protection in the hip area? thanks, jim
  3. Did a quick search and didn't see this posted; I just picked up 4 qts at Advanced Auto Parts..the sale runs through March. Figured it might be of interest to the guys (like me) that run Mobil 1 in my YZ 450F. Stock up now...riding season soon! http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/home___
  4. jim/boston

    New (taller) Handlebars for my 08 yz450f

    Thanks guys..you rock!
  5. jim/boston

    New (taller) Handlebars for my 08 yz450f

    OK Great! Was the swap out difficult ? (with regards to cable lengths or any other aspect). Do the new bars drop right on? Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I appreciate it.
  6. Been lurking for awhile and have followed several suggestions regarding setting up my 450f for woods riding on the snowmobile/atv trails in Maine. I switched out to the heavier flywheel and went up to a 51T rear sprocket because alot of my riding is rock crawling; both mods have made my bike a real joy to ride offroad. I am 5 11 and feel like my riding position is a bit crouched over and is uncomfortable for long stretches on the pegs. I think a Pro Taper Windham bend might help me out because the other alternative is risers and I seem to get the consensus that risers are not the preferred method the raise the bars. Here's my question: How difficult would the swap from the stock handlebars be (ie will the controls/cable swap over ok?) I was concerned that I might have to make other changes with new higher bars and I would like to keep this as simple as possible. Thanks for your input. Jim If anyone is interested as to what the trails in Maine look like; here is a vid from my first ride (GoPro helmet camera) last summer