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  1. goez42

    Crf 100 carb troubles

    Think i figured it out floats upside down....im an idiot thanks.
  2. goez42

    Crf 100 carb troubles

    Float line is good can blow air through it. I didnt replace the needle but it seems to be working fine i put the gasline with the float bowl off and gas would run down theough the needle just fine.
  3. goez42

    Crf 100 carb troubles

    Trying to get the wifes 06 crf 100 running, hasn't ran for a long time. I rebuilt the carb new oil new cdi and plug finally got a spark but the issue im having now is no fuel in the float bowl. I cleaned the carb got a rebuild kit new jet pilot etc. When i have the float bowl off with the gas line connected i can turn the petcock on and fuel comes out around the float needle when i put the float bowl back on no fuel comes down into it. kinda lost at this point any one have any ideas.
  4. goez42

    Jetting can't seem to get this right

    Thanks Craigo I will try the 160 mj in it it runs nice but seems to rev out faster if that makes any sense.
  5. I just re jetted my bike last night and I still can't seem to get this right still have some popping on decel. I have the JD jet kit stock carb blue needle 4th clip 155 main jet 22.5 pilot and extended fuel screw 2 3/4 turns out mrd ssw pipe 3x3 mod done. i live in Yuma Az pretty much sea level here, thanks for the help.
  6. goez42

    Stretched out clutch cable

    Yea I adjusted both to take all the slack out in the wire and there is still to much slack.
  7. goez42

    Stretched out clutch cable

    6 months ago I bought a new tusk clutch cable after my stock one frayed. I got half way to work yesterday when the wire stretched out on me, I checked my little adjuster and let it all the way out and there is still like 1/2 inch left of wire leaving my clutch limp and my mind blown. I don't see any frayes in it, I already have another one on order just wanted to see if any one else has seen this thanks.
  8. goez42

    DRZ "Off Road" Lighting

    I have been running this light bar since x mas pretty happy with it so far. http://s1292.photobucket.com/albums/b579/goez42/?action=view&current=20131230_092342_zpsfcb6546b.jpg
  9. goez42

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I took a peace of 1 inch steel and made a bracket off the headlamp mount. It doesnt move it all came out alot better than I expected. I would face palm if i saw one mounted off the plastics.
  10. goez42

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Mounted the rear rack I made over x mas and my new light bar.
  11. goez42

    Crf 100 will not run with out starter fuild

    Ill try that when I get home from work tomorrow thanks.
  12. So I just picked up my wifes bike from her moms and I cant figure out why it will not work any thoughts? I cleaned the carb out put it back in and I cant get it to run unless im spraying it down with starter fluid. I put a new spark pkug in it and drained the gas still no joy.
  13. goez42

    Carb setup

    Ok thanks ill have to try it out. Ya I miss lejeune but not riding in the frigid cold got stuck with the wing out here sucks so boring.
  14. goez42

    Carb setup

    Had a quick question been a while since my intial re jet. I currently have a jd jet kit 160 main 25 pilot red needle 3rd clip extened fuel screw 2 3/4 turns out. Its starting to get below 75 degrees out here in yuma az and I was goig to put in the blue needle should I stay the same with my main jet and should I go to the 3rd clip on it as well? My current setup is mrd ssw with the 3x3 done thanks!