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  1. My big pig developed an odd midrange stumble from about 3k on, and I can't even say for sure when it developed and my best guess would be after installing the stage1 Hotcam. I've checked for plenty of gas, put on new filters, and made sure all of the vent lines were clear. The carb is clean with fresh gas. It pulls strong through the range, but stumbles like it's running out of gas when just cruising. It idles just fine, pulls through the midrange just fine, and has some nice revs, but sputters like it's running out of gas when just cruising at a steady throttle anywhere north of 3k rpm. I've checked the float level and it's in spec, but I'm thinking of raising to see if that does the trick. I used the richer needle from Edelbrock with very little difference. The bike has 11k miles on her, stage1 Hotcams, edelbrock pumper carb, and FMF quiet muffler. Any thoughts or experience before I go tearing things apart?