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  1. Hi, I'm a former weekend warrior. I bought a Husky TXC511 from ZipTy back in Aug 2012. I rode it 3 times (once on private land), and never got it registered. I have the Husqvarna MCO, which I never signed. I didn't get it registered mainly because I did not have a way to transport the bike, I always had to rely on riding buddies pickups and vans. Inspection, etc, which I could never get a straight answer on in the first place. I gave up because I was never riding it. Beyond a total PIA for somebody without proper transpo. Now I want to sell it. Some people are telling me I'm going to have to pay back registration. On a bike that was never registered. I find that insane. Anybody know the deal?
  2. Max Girth

    GoPro Hero 3 talk!

    There's a lot of capabilities on the 3 aimed at pros. That shouldn't stop you from getting one though, just don't shoot in a heavy format if you comp can't handle it. 720 is solid for most folks...and the 3 will make drastically better 720p video than an old Hero that maxes out at 720, or even the Hero 2. Super solid buy, especially the cheapest one at $199.
  3. Ok, sounds like I should press the registration service place to try their VIN verification then?
  4. Hi, I bought a Husky 2011 511 from Zip Ty racing, that only came with a Certificate of Origin cert from Husqvarana NA (of course ZipTy never had a reason to register it). I also have a DMV sale form from ZipTy. I can't seem to get a straight answer on what kind of VIN verification I need to register it. AAA of which I'm a member said I need a CHP inspection. Another registration service nearby said they do VIN verifications, but are not sure since it's a dirt bike if it needs to be done by an officer (CHP verification vs the verifications they do in office). There's no way I'm setting foot in the DMV to find out what's up, Pasadena DMV lines are crazy. Altadena CHP can't inspect it until Nov 1st. El Monte CHP won't do it at all. Anybody know whether a reg service can do this? Also have a friend at a moto dealership, they have somebody come on Tuesdays that does VIN verifications. I appreciate any knowledgeable input!
  5. I really, really, really love those graphics. There's a bike review from an Aussie journalist on Youtube that has something very similar...I was going to email that guy to see how I could get some of my own. Would you pretty please consider sharing your source files for that scheme?
  6. Max Girth

    Think about making my own graphics!?

    coughtcoughBitTorrentcough I'd pick a printer and ask them. They might be able to take raster files like JPG, TIFF, PNG. If it sounds like I'm being vague...some types of art are better suited for vector, and some for raster. The preparation for either before they hit the actual printer are completely different as well.
  7. Max Girth

    Think about making my own graphics!?

    I suspect it's likely most guys that print graphics work in the vector art world...meaning you'd need to supply Illustrator files, not raster files like JPG or TIFF. Guessing the templates are also Illustrator files. I used to be involved in DVD production, that's where my guesses come from. On the logos, I doubt any company that prints is going to take issue with art that isn't yours, unless they have reason to believe you're going to be selling what they print, and therefore putting them at risk for a suit (or cease and desist letter).
  8. Max Girth

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I just got a new ride and am itching to try it out, and my regular riding buddies are flaking. I might jump out, say hi, and attempt to keep up. I'll be on a a new-school Husqy.