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  1. Ill email them and see what they say, thanks for the help. Ill post back if this does or does not work out..
  2. Bad picture it was taken off my droid not my camera, I will take good pics of it once I have the seat cover on it too.. Lemme know if you think it'd match tho or stick up a picture so I can see that'd be awesome. It looks good on their website but it looks like a computer generated photo not one that someone took. Also I have checked a lot of places but I don't remember exactly what. N-style for sure and Decalworks. The other popular brands that are easy to find.. I have found a few who make blue seat covers but they have no picture to prove what kind of blue they are! Not cool..
  3. Is the blue a good color? I'll order that if you think the blue is a nice blue and not so much a Yamaha blue. Do you have a picture? I'll put one up of the bike and we can see if it matches
  4. Where can I get one? I need it to be bright blue, to match the medium blue of decalworks graphics.. Ill post a picture of my bike with the new graphics soon so you know what kind of blue but basically bright blue. Preferably a seat cover with pleates. I ordered one from Decalworks and its basically a dark blue or purple looking thing and thats no good..
  5. Honestly maybe no one can answer this for me, not that you guys haven't tried and had good advice but really I won't know which I like better or can pinch better with until I try them. I just wish it was cheaper to try. Anyone know anyone selling asterisk braces? Would try the old ones but would like the new style...
  6. The Thor I have seen a lot and I think my MSR ones seem more protective but maybe slippery compared to Thor. Im not sure..
  7. Think its worth getting a used pair of the old lace up asterisks or should I get the new ones? Mx people tend to stretch the truth so when the guy told me he wears through a seat cover every couple motos I'm sure he just heard james Stewart's mechanic mention that Stewart does so he started saying it lol.
  8. Well I guess I knew they protect your knees but I'm just wondering if they make it as easy to hold on as some people say. Because ever since I got my knee pads they're slippery and harder to use then just my legs but they save me a lot of pain. So I guess I have two questions then , do they actually protect you better? Because I've heard good and bad about knee braces and will it make it any easier pinching the bike? Okay maybe 3 questions, which ones grip the bike the best? I would lean towards asterisk but I want the best grip possible.. I hear people say they wear through seat covers in like 2 rides and im like how? And they say its cause their knee braces hold on so well? Some people just swear by them but my knee pads only made it so much worse
  9. Think they're worth 600 bucks to help hold on? I've never tried them. I use MSR reflex knee pads and they seem slippery and sorta hard on my knees. I might get a used pair of asterisks or something if someone thinks its worth it. I've heard they are great for pinching the bik better but what do you think? Don't wanna spend the cash for nothing.
  10. Has anyone tried those? They are flu design and only 40 dollars on ebay but for 40 dollars how good can they be? I wish they had more blue but thats kinda the look I want. Sharp lines and a little dose of blue in it.. keep the pics coming
  11. I actually like that quite a bit. Who makes it? There's gotta be a bunch more people with blue kits post them all up!
  12. I'm trying to figure out what graphics I'm gonna do but with such a high price tag on the things I wanna see them on a bike first.. does anyone have graphics with blue on them that look real good? I saw a bike at the track and forgot what they were called. I usually like it when the main color is green with blue white and black on them. Post up some pics please! I don't have time to look through the 20000 posts in the show me your kawis thread or I'm sure I could find some pictures..
  13. My bike already has EFI though. Fuel injection is the best.. But kawi IMO messed up the fuel injection in 2011, anyone who rides them can tell and they fixed it in 2012 and added "duel injection". I don't like the 11's power cause it feels like it has none on the top. Between 7000 and 13000 they drop off and make what feels like no power at all.. It's not a matter of is EFI worth it, it's should I fix mine for 1000 plus a piston and whatever other maintenance it needs or buy a brand new bike with 0 hours for 2000 ha.