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    please help 2012 kx 450 light on when hot

    Any idea where the water could be? I've cleaned the air box sensor takin the other of and let dry out as well. I've also hooked it up to a battery and did the test which hve me five diff codes .. So not really knowing what the exact problem is . sometimes it has trouble going into neautral so I'm leaning toward the gear position switch . I guess it's off to pay the dealer and arm an leg for the computer diagnostics ..
  2. ive had my bike about six months and its ran perfectly fine until the other day i notced my light coming on when about a lap or two into a practice , it doesnt blink just stays on. the bike seems to pop every so often when riding after that too and sometimes when tryn to start. any info greatly apreciated . i took the tps sensor off and disconnected a few others to let dry out do to i read up on issues with them getting wet. any similar proplems? first kawi