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  1. racingriesberg

    crf50r radiatior cap?

    if i have to go that far to get the shaft out of this thing ill just take it to van wall and have them do it LOL i dont have all that time LOL
  2. racingriesberg

    crf50r radiatior cap?

    i just talked to my friedn who is a honda fenatic and he told me the same and it was the seals in the water pump out and coming outthe weep hole so while im htere im replacing the impeller and seals i would like to replace the shaft as well but its not coming out so nicely how does that come out?????(the shaft)
  3. racingriesberg

    crf50r radiatior cap?

    i have a 04 crf450r and i keep loosing antifreeze its not going into the engine and its not in the oil so im assuming that im loosing out the vent hose. on my RMZ250 i ended up putting a 1.6bar cap on the bike and the problem went away and was looking a 2.0bar cap for my CRF450 what does ppl think of that good or bad idea