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  1. IXxD34THxXI

    Clutch Basket Help!

    thats pretty bad both are worn fiuling will do little good but try anyways youll need a new inner and outer basket. prob new plates too.
  2. IXxD34THxXI

    Fix Radiators? Bent Radiator.

    If i upload a pic of it now do you guys think youll be able to tell me whetere i can fix it myself or if ill have to send it out
  3. IXxD34THxXI

    Fix Radiators? Bent Radiator.

    ehh ill probly try to do it myself and if i break it send it to them i think they cvharger the same to fixz a leak too.
  4. IXxD34THxXI

    Fix Radiators? Bent Radiator.

    yeaq but i dont want to get china raditators you know?? like i was thinking maybe i can put them in a wood jaw vice and try to un twist them. Would that work?
  5. so my bike 06 rm250 has a bent left radiator. now it doesnt leak or anytihng its fine but it doesnt look right or fit right on the radiator shroud so i was wondering if there is a way to unbend this to make it somewhat close to normal. its twisted looks like a double helix if you know what i mean.
  6. IXxD34THxXI


    i have a 2006 rm250 with about 10 original hours stock piston and everything, so i am wondering whats good comrehe ssion i dont have a comression tester but i can stand on the starter and it barley wants to go down i am 130lbs so...just wondering if anybody can tell me what year their bike is and what the compression on it is...
  7. IXxD34THxXI

    Radiator fluid

    every year drain it at the impeller with the radiator lid off and stick a hose in there and turn it on to flush the radiator you can start the bike if you want while flushing it for a minute i do and nothing happens and then but the bolt back in and fill with 50/50 coolant usualy takes a quart.
  8. so i need to rebuild my forks. they are leaking and they are the original seals that came with the bike in 06 so i know theyre bad but my question is there are a few tiny specs of rust the size of a piece of rock salt on the fork tube (shiny ones) and i wanted to know a way to clean it off so when i put in new seals it doesnt tear em up. now i dont knowe if it pitted at all i dont think it did but i am having a hard time getting it off ive tried rubbing it with my nail to get it off and i really dont wqant to sand it soo what can i do do i need new tubes or can i fix it somehow. i am just worried about it tearing up new seals and having to keep redoing them over and over again. the spots are very minimal and somwhat close to the dust seal about 3 inches down from the seal so i know my seals go over it when i hit a bump. thanks,
  9. so i just got a rm250 and i want to know if anybody else out there tunes thier own suspension and what there settings are i am 130lbs and ride mainly woods and smooth trails and do some jumps so i wanted to know if anybody can tell me thier settings for rebound and fork comp. and stuff THANKS