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  1. 03yz250fourbanger

    2003 yz250f

    nice man, sounds like my kind of riding. what kind of skid plate do you have? I'm thinking about one that covers the whole bottom.
  2. 03yz250fourbanger

    2003 yz250f

    yeah same, I guess I'll attack engine problems as they come, but I'll be sure to keep up maintenance.
  3. 03yz250fourbanger

    2003 yz250f

    Mine also drops into neutral while down shifting! I didn't think to much of it though. Thanks, I will search and consider those mods.
  4. 03yz250fourbanger

    2003 yz250f

    I got a 03yz250f a couple weeks ago, and it runs great. So far, I have changed the oil, maintained a clean air filter. I recently installed a megabomb header and a power core4 pipe, and the bike is more responsive. I have to put a new front tire on and hand guards on next. I'm content with how the engine is running, but I feel as if I should be doing more, maintainence wise. I should report straight to the manual for this, but I figure that I would get some feed back from the online community. I'm gaining experience as a rider, but as a mechanic..I lack. However, with instructions I can take over the world..lol. I like trail riding; if you have aftermarket parts to recommend fo that then go for it. I will post pictures up soon. Meanwhile, I'm learning the different parts of the engine and how they interact with eachother, such as valuves, carb, so on and so on lol I just want to avoid taking the bike to a shop!!
  5. 03yz250fourbanger

    PowerBomb header make a difference?

    just put a mega bomb and power core 4 pipe on mine, and the bike is more responsive in all the gears!
  6. 03yz250fourbanger

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    Today, I installed a fmf mega bomb header and power core 4 pipe! It runs great without being jetted..no bog nor back fire. I'm not sure if I'll jet it or not, but I do need to learn how to work on the carb. I will be installing a front tire tomorrow, hopefully. I have cyrca hand guards (mid reach) on the way for oversized bars, hopefully they'll fit.
  7. 03yz250fourbanger

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    are those cycra pro bend guards? if so, are they the mid reach for oversized bars, or just pro bend with pro taper mounts?
  8. 03yz250fourbanger

    4 stroke- When to rebuild top end

    thank you! I will be purchasing a piston and rings soon...also, gaining a bit of knownledge before I get the rebuidling!
  9. 03yz250fourbanger

    2003 yz250f jetting...

    Thank you!
  10. 03yz250fourbanger

    4 stroke- When to rebuild top end

    ideally, with a four stroke, you would want to rebuild after a certain amount of hours or if oil burns? I just recently bought a 03 yz250f, and I'm not sure how many hours was on the current piston. I will invest in a hour counter (not sure of the parts correct name, lol), but for now should I rebuild the engine to ride it on the safe side?
  11. Hello, for starters, i'm not so experienced when it comes to the technical side of dirtbiking; however, with directions, i'm caple of doing anything..lol i just recently purchased a 2003 yz250f, and I have a fmf megabomb header on the way with a fmf powercore 4 pipe. After these parts are installed, it is recommended for me to rejet the carb; i guess. I may also purchase a k&n air filer, but I already have a twin air filter on now; is it worth the upgrade? anyway, if any, what are some suggestions on how I should go about rejetting the carb. I know the jetting settings may vary depending on my location and weathertype, but should I purchase a jetting kit as well? if any you guys have any helpful websites regarding this matter or for inexperienced riders in general..then, share them with me! lol enlighten me!