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    My DR!!!!!
  1. Hhhmm?
  2. Nice bike
  3. I'd offer up that and maybe a lil more. The carb mods a huge improvement and cost around four hundred done right. Imo there great bikes
  4. I believe that bolt holds on the cam chain runner. And is pushed on by the cam chain tensioner. It's a very important part on my 650
  5. Its a plate to lock the timing gear bolts in place. Mine wasn't done and they eventually started backing out. Caused a loud rattling. Caught it in time. Good luck
  6. Check the keeper on your timing chain
  7. Hey Rowie will this fit a 2005 dr650se? And is it a direct swap plus how is the ride in comparison to stock?
  8. Who called timeout

  9. Agreed they r a lil spendie but I also grabbed the filter magnet and some valve tools. It's a one stop shop 4 the dr. Sometimes hunting fleabay blows
  10. There 12 new on
  11. I used a pipe from a gsxr 1000. 06
  12. Let's see if we can get this going again!! Your dr with a park ranger
  13. Still no iPhone version?
  14. Can you take a electric fcr 39 and put it on an o5 dr650?