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    My DR!!!!!
  1. Rocgarrison

    dim headlight on '93 650

  2. Rocgarrison

    Picking up Dr 650

    Nice bike
  3. Rocgarrison

    Is this a good deal for a 2002 650?

    I'd offer up that and maybe a lil more. The carb mods a huge improvement and cost around four hundred done right. Imo there great bikes
  4. Rocgarrison

    little help

    I believe that bolt holds on the cam chain runner. And is pushed on by the cam chain tensioner. It's a very important part on my 650
  5. Rocgarrison

    1994 dr650se engine noise

    Its a plate to lock the timing gear bolts in place. Mine wasn't done and they eventually started backing out. Caused a loud rattling. Caught it in time. Good luck
  6. Rocgarrison

    1994 dr650se engine noise

    Check the keeper on your timing chain
  7. Rocgarrison

    Desperatlely need help to find an affordable replacement DR650 shock

    Hey Rowie will this fit a 2005 dr650se? And is it a direct swap plus how is the ride in comparison to stock?
  8. Who called timeout

  9. Rocgarrison

    What's the best price you guys found on magnetic drain plug?

    Agreed they r a lil spendie but I also grabbed the filter magnet and some valve tools. It's a one stop shop 4 the dr. Sometimes hunting fleabay blows
  10. Rocgarrison

    What's the best price you guys found on magnetic drain plug?

    There 12 new on procycle.us
  11. I used a pipe from a gsxr 1000. 06
  12. Rocgarrison

    Any interest in a "riding game"?

    Let's see if we can get this going again!! Your dr with a park ranger
  13. Rocgarrison

    DR650 Android Phone app...

    Still no iPhone version?
  14. Rocgarrison

    Fcr 39

    Can you take a electric fcr 39 and put it on an o5 dr650?