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  1. Bike already had a few mods Full akrapovic exhaust Aluminium skidplate 15 front sprocket wheel sliders front and back evo 1 airbox carbon engine protectors both sides best supermoto ive ever ridden no doubt
  2. Well sure, but i was thinking more like doing stuff that enhances the bike. Ive found a couple things already like lowering the forks in the tripple clamps and stuff but i was just wondering if there was anything else. Like minor tweaks and stuff to make it even better.
  3. Hi. im getting a 2012 690 smc r next weekend. Im really excited and want to get started by doing everything i can to make the bike as good as it can be without throwing thousands of dollars on it. The bike already has a Akrapovic slip on and the Akra map, and i was wondering what else i can do to make the bike better? What mods can i do to the bike that doesnt cost anything or cost very little?
  4. Yeah ive tried this way before and i &%$#@!ed it up. I was at wrong tdc last time with this method so now im just doing it the safe way with the flywheel But that link was great. And the film i definately dont get. Could never get the valves to move like his But thanks.
  5. Thanks for this! Did the adjustment and it starts in 1 second now and runs like never before. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi. The bike i am adjusting valves on is a 2006 525 EXC RFS. I am adjusting my valves for the first time by the book and i have removed the flywheel cover, and i have the notch on the flywheel matching that black plastic thing. But there is 2 different positions on the valves when i turn the flywheel. On one of the two rounds none of the valves move, and on the other round the intake valves are just starting going down. Which of these do i adjust the valves at? Please help me
  7. simenh1

    525XC only starts with choke

    Gotcha Thanks!
  8. simenh1

    525XC only starts with choke

    Ok thanks. Ill clean the carb today But im not perfect at english so i dont know what the rest mean What is AP circuit and diaphragm?
  9. Hi When i bought my 2006 525 XC the bike started without problems. Never had to touch the choke it just fired instantly. But now over time it has gotten worse and worse. Now it wont even start when cold without choke. And i mean its around 30 degrees celsius here. Always started cold before without the choke and its kinda annoying. What could be the problem? It had been 30 hours since valve adjustment so i did one today hoping that was the problem but didnt help. And also the bike rpm is very jumpy. It idles at around 1900rpm then it can drop to 900 for a second then go back up. Anyone ever experienced this?
  10. simenh1

    Gearing 525 XC!

    Hi. I cant really seem to find out by calculators and what not what the optimal gearing for me would be. Since sprocket cost so much money i cannot afford to test. I drive only on asphalt on the street and sometime on highway. I like going high speeds but i also love doing long wheelies. I like pulling it up in high speeds and continuing in 6th gear. What would optimal gearing for me be? Really appreciate any answer i can get. Bike is a 2006 KTM 525 XC Supermoto
  11. Hi. I was driving home from work when all of a sudden my clutch stopped working. There became less and less pressure and by the time i got home the clutch was completely dead. I opened the cover to the master cylinder and it was basically empty. Some drops left and it had a dark color to it. Like grey. So i guess its not enough just bleeding it with new oil. Is the system leaking then or could it be something else? I cant see any leaks anywhere. Please help Bike is a 2006 525 EXC
  12. Hi. I have a problem with the speedometer on my 2006 525 EXC. When i was out riding suddenly it stopped working. There was a text i think it was "cont" and then it measured the speed inaccurately. Like 25 kmh when i was riding in 100. After an hour when i got home the speedometer had changed. I could then press the "0" button and it would start and everything would work as normal except when i spin the front wheel the speedo doesnt start. And no speed is shown when i ride. The next day the speedo changed again. It wouldnt go on. It was blinking "rb" over and over and i couldnt turn it off. Yesterday it changed another time. Now i can turn it on. But it's like stuck. And the hourmeter has resetted and i cant access anything else. I have changed the battery in the speedometer, checked that its connected right everywhere. I dont understand what is wrong. Please help Video of speedo now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKGX3M96BCc
  13. simenh1

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    My 2012 500 EXC Sixdays
  14. Hi. Just bought a new 2006 ktm 525 exc and the header pipe is really rusted and i want to remove it from the bike and shine it up. But i cant seem to get it off. Ive loosened everything, removed the rear shock and it still wont come off. Anyone have experienced this? I mean ive tried to remove it now for over an hour but it just wont come off. Even with the rear shock removed.
  15. simenh1

    Cooling fluid 2012 500 EXC

    My boss at my car dealership said it could be some special coolant since noone gives out new bikes with only water in the radiator so i measured how high the temperature of the coolant could go and it went to 25 degrees celsius. So it must be some sort of transparent white coolant. Weird. is blue better than this?