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  1. joec63

    The 2013 Honda CRF250L........

    Just the Cycra handguards. I bent the stock handlebars this weekend getting crazy. So I'll order the Pro Taper contour CR Mid, 1-1/8" along with the adapters tonight.Going with the Highway Dirtbike handguards also, so I'll be selling the Cycra's. Not a fan of the crossbar so I'll get rid of that. Ordering the FMF Q4 muffler, I'll wait a bit for the header. Haven't done anything with the drive train yet. Was surprised how well it performed on the trails yesterday with the stock gearing. For the reason I bought it I'm happy with it. I have to ride a good deal to the trails, don't have vehicle to haul a bike. The thought of a KTM 350/500 EXC would be nice but riding 60-70% street isnt ideal.
  2. joec63

    The 2013 Honda CRF250L........

    Stock is 40, just looked at the service manual cause I dropped mine off this morning to have the first service done. I would try the 13T alone first and if still not what you want go to 42T on the rear.
  3. joec63

    Honda CRF250L....give it a chance...I did

    congrats!, take the comments that this isn't a "real" dirt bike with a grain of salt. I've had mine through some very nasty terrain and it hasn't missed a lick. It's done everything I've asked of it so far. And the weight crtitcism? meh...big f'in deal.
  4. joec63

    Honda CRF250L....give it a chance...I did

    Here's to being prepared! Envious of your playground, looks fun.
  5. joec63

    What kind of prices on the 2013 CRF 250L?

    I don't mind saying. Drove 100 miles to get this deal. Paid $4299 + 95 document fee + taxes/title. You need to find a dealer that moves a lot of bikes.
  6. joec63

    CRF250L Review

  7. joec63

    Honda CRF250L....give it a chance...I did

    The muffler alone weighs a whopping 12lbs http://rickramsey.net/CRF250L.htm
  8. New member here!, been lurking for awhile. Bought a CRF250L to putz around on. In the Olmsted Falls area.