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    do you have a site for espy... i cant find much on them i thought they closed down .... but also sunset ridge i was wondering do i need race cards to show up on a open practice day or can i just show up and sign the waver and ride
  2. what a shame
  3. cant im 15...
  4. chicken butt
  5. ok so i know il get some reply's from people saying thats why tracks and trails get closed but i don't ride trails or track... ok so i wanna know how i can make my dirt bike louder and i don't want to do something that can damage my bike...
  6. elwell im getting me a r1 when im 18 so
  7. well i have 3 friends that race and i wanna do that im not in it to win or go pro i just wanna have some fun on the weekends at the track with my buds and the rest of the time i ride on my farm
  8. so what now do i try to sell my bike for a 250 sx
  9. it was a left over and if this bike is so shit why is it more money then the sxf
  10. well it dont matter im coming close to a top end rebuild i dont have the money so i guess im done riding after that
  11. im coming close to 50 hours do you have to rebuild it.. what happens if you don't?
  12. it was eather 3000 dollars or this bike and we didnt have the money for this truthfully and my bike is faster then my friends kx250 and my other friends kx250f that has tons of mods
  13. well i did want the sxf but the dealer had 4 bikes on sale and 2 were sxf and 1 xcf-w and 1 xcf and they sold the 2 sxf the first day they had the post on criagslist and they were 500 dollars cheaper then this bike to but my dad didn't wanna go the first day also im in the chat
  14. well im not 100 percent sure but i herd a clunking noise once and it only happens when i practice a gate drop start in second gear but in first it doesn't
  15. nope my bike is a ktm 250xcf... it has slightly lower compression, slightly softer suspension, larger gas tank, 18" rear wheel, heavier flywheel, hand guards thats about it for the difference