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  1. Well I figured it out. It was the clutch safety switch. Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
  2. Ok. So I tried to push start but no such luck. I tried disconnecting the clutch safety but didn't do anything. When I push the start button I don't even hear the starter spin. Could that be caused by something?
  3. Is their only two fuses?
  4. It's in neutral and I've tried the kickstand. My bike has a clutch sensor. I.e the clutch has to be pulled in for it to start
  5. I have just pulled the switch off and everything is still soldered together. I also found two 20 amp fuses by the battery that are still good.
  6. It's an s. The battery tender says the battery is good. It's in monitor mode
  7. I went to start my bike after a week of sitting and it wount start. I have it on a battery tender and when I turn the key on everything comes on like it should. The headlight is bright and everthing seems right. When I take the killswitch off and pull in the clutch nothing happens. What do I need to check. This is my first bike so I don't know a whole lot about the bike.
  8. I bought a new to me 03 with a jet kit and fmf full exhaust. I was wondering if the low octane works or if I should be running the better and higher octane? I just put 2 gallons in this week and noticed that it is not backfiring as much as it did. All comments are appreciated.
  9. thank you
  10. I recently bought a 03 drz and was wanting to get a new rear tire for it since the continental that is on it does not do well at all in the sand. I do quite a bit of road riding but also a little bit of off-road riding. I live in a desert where there is a lot of what we call moon dust and loose sand with the occasional hard packed road. what would be a good tire for that style of riding?
  11. it does have holes. I will upload pictures to photobucket tonight and add a link to show pictures
  12. when I tried to mount it, it didn't show a way to just put bolts into it that was why I was figuring that it was the clamp style. I would like to add a picture but Im new to the site and have not figured out how to do it.
  13. I recently bought a 2003 400 and I had a lot of extra parts come with it. I am trying to install the skid plate that came with it but I don't have the mounting hardware. Is their different types of mounting or do they all use the "clamp" style?