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  1. MillsLTR

    Which handguards for my xc250

    most run cycra's pro bends. i got cycra composite wrap arounds.They have saved both levers several times cycra wrap arounds will protect you levers fine, and look a hell of a lot better than some bare metal bars, and they protect your hands from rocks and sticks from the riders in front
  2. MillsLTR

    The KTM 200 Club

    looks great! love the graphics, want something like that for my 07. why'd you drop the Q silencer? dont like it?
  3. MillsLTR

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    rode it! had a good ride other than getting buried in mud
  4. MillsLTR

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    cleaned up the 200 all nice like, put on some hand guards, hammerhead shifter, new air filter, and wheel tape need a new pipe guard, looks like mud on the bottom, buts its actually where it has burnt through
  5. MillsLTR

    2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    He's got 69 in his username so he's got to be about 13. You're not going to notice enough between the two to make any big difference. Both are 85 2 strokes, both are meant for mx, and both are going to have similar powerbands to your kx. If you don't like 2 stroke snap get a crf150
  6. MillsLTR

    Exhaust leak on 200xc-w

    After reading around i actually just put on some rtv super black (i think). Gonna let it sit overnight and see what it does tomorrow. Did u put it around the o rings or put the pipe on and then put it on?
  7. MillsLTR

    Exhaust leak on 200xc-w

    Just got an '07 200xc-w. Leaks right where the header goes into the head. Put new o rings, and springs on it. Still leaks. I dont even like riding it like this, you can feel the air shooting out and it spits oil/gas out on the pipe. Maybe the pipe is just old and worn off on the end? Or maybe the plate where the header goes into?
  8. MillsLTR

    2001 YZ250 Graphics

    that sucks. but it looks like a pretty clean bike for $700. does it need motor work or anything?
  9. Thanks for the tips. Definitley aiming for 06 or newer. How are yz250's in the woods in stock form? I had a 200xcw and loved it in the woods, I'm sure the yz's are alot more aggressive. I would probably get a 13oz FWW, gnarly with q stealth silencer, dont know if i would drop gearing some tho. I just want it to be as rider friendly as possible in tight stuff
  10. Thinking of gettin an 05/06ish yz 250, and setting it up for woods. I live in southern illinois, say for a clean, well taken car of, 06 yz250, what is a fair price. I've seen a few clean ones for 3k, but that seems a little high. Dont want to get ripped off
  11. MillsLTR

    how many db?!

    oh im sure you would. yoshi's are great systems.i was going to get a yoshi myself but seen the motoworks and it was way cheaper so i decided to try it out. go on youtube and try to find some sound clips. im sure there is plenty of guys showing off their pipes,lol
  12. MillsLTR

    how many db?!

    ya 108 is pretty loud. but sparks is a great exhaust. i know yoshi has a quiet insert for their pipes, so if it is too loud you can just throw one in. or you can buy the sparks and make your own quiet insert like i did. i took a spark arrest from a teryx, and grinded it down to fit in my pipe,lol. and it actually works, quiets it down to about stock level
  13. MillsLTR

    how many db?!

    ive got a motoworks. it sounds great but it is pretty loud, i actually rigged up a quiet insert incase of a situation where i need one. my motoworks sounds great, it's a deep growl with a mean snap to it. but yoshi sounds great too. they're one of the biggest names in exhaust
  14. MillsLTR

    how many db?!

    I'm pretty sure yoshi has a quite insert, would be around 98 with it in.Without the insert it would be over 100. and yes 108 is loud.
  15. good to hear its always the simple things that cause the biggest problems