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  1. sorry guys i havent got to yhis yet ,been working, plan on doing this thie weekend
  2. ya i just did a quick once over with carb cleaner didnt take all the jets out and clean
  3. for starters its got a aftermarket cyc. and piston which looks like the 11:1 (bought this bike as a rebuild in progress.kid didnt have the money to finish it) got a new to me head which is a 2002 ( the bike is a 97) and got a nice valve cover with nicer rockers ( the old rockers were trashed ) the stock cam seen better days so i said what the heck and got a deal on a brand new hot cams stage 2 and installed everything per the manuel the bike didnt fire at first so i had to replace the coil and stator..........she's got spark now cleaned the carb ,which is stock ,and it wont fire at all........... qustion is do i have a good slsction of parts here for a good runner????im tring to get it to fire on 93 oct. do i need higher oct.? thanks in advance .........i need some help with this one so i dont have to take it to the stealership
  4. 08rap

    1996-2004 honda XR400 service manual

    hey i got a havnes manuel.......ya it sucks to can ya email it to my700raptor@yahoo.com i need one to
  5. 08rap

    400r no spark please help

    ya i checked the cap .its not coroded im kinda waiting till after the christmas to get a new coil and see if that dose it
  6. 08rap

    400r no spark please help

    so far im thinking the coil is junk............im not getting anything on the ohm meter on the spark plug wire side of the coil........
  7. 08rap

    400r no spark please help

    took the cap offand all looks good no corosionat all ........going today to get an ohm meter
  8. 08rap

    400r no spark please help

    cool thanks ...............will the kill switch if not grounded properly do this?? ya i had it in the shop on the stand with the plug out and my test light in the cap and grounded to the motor and nothing
  9. i got a 96 xr 400r that i bought pretty much a basket case for me and my boy to rebuild,put a new head on it ,new rockers new cam,a new piston and jug ........got the ole girl back together and i do have good compresstion ,so i know i got the cam timed right ,but i dont have no spark in the plug ,which is new buy the way ............so give me some ideas where to start chaseing this down from .............thanks for any help
  10. where you located at in mich.?
  11. look no further i,ll pm ya my number for text ..........im in northern ind. so shipping wont be bad
  12. i got a 97 i picked up cheap and im in the middle of rebuilding the top end ...........any one got a stage 2 cam and the rockers they want to get rid of? or any ideas where to get em with links ,ive been watchin ebay but you all know how that goes
  13. 08rap

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    south bend in. here
  14. 08rap

    rebuild xr 400

    while i got her apart anyone got any links to any hrc kits forsale?
  15. 08rap

    rebuild xr 400

    thanks for the replys..........he told me he put in a "racing " piston loland a new jug soooooooo.........i'm gonna pull her apart and see just to make sure. he couldnt tell what piston cp, or what ever so just to be safe im gonna open it up just to make sure what and how it was put together