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  1. tylerslj

    Sold the DRZ

    Was lucky enough to test a friends fz-07 and it's an amazing bike for the cost !
  2. tylerslj

    Sold the DRZ

    Nice bikes ! Truth be told I would have loved to keep it BUT I don't make enough money to maintain or insure two bikes nor do I have the space to store two
  3. tylerslj

    Sold the DRZ

    Insurance on the fz will actually be less then what I was paying for the DRZ cause I was a new driver when I first got it . As for pennies for selling it ? I sold it for $3,800 with 34,000 km on it which was enough to pay the remainder of the loan off and some . I needed a bike that can do long stints on the highway everyday and want to do some touring and the DRZ just didn't feel like it belonged there .
  4. tylerslj

    Sold the DRZ

    Thanks I definitely will ! I told the guy who bought it about this forum and told him he should check it out . I didn't post very much but I frequently read a lot of the posts and always came here for info . This is probably one of the best forums I've ever seen .
  5. tylerslj

    Sold the DRZ

    Well the time has come that I've sold my 2012 DRZ400s I bought brand new . This bike helped me get threw a very rough time in my life . Would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the knowledge I've used to work on my bike . In case anyone is wondering my new bike is being ordered today . It will be a 2016 Yamaha FZ-09
  6. tylerslj

    3x3 mod help

    +1 It's a pain but it will come
  7. tylerslj

    Broken master link clip thingie, Why?

    I'm not a fan of rivet links myself , I like bein able to remove the chain quickly and easier . I find its a good idea to change your old masterlink with a new one every so often though and inspect the link every other ride for signs of problems .
  8. tylerslj

    Broken bones

    I would at least wait a couple weeks minimal so it at least sets right ... My left wrist is so tweaked permenitly from breaking it four times and continuing to skateboard because of the jarring motion ..
  9. tylerslj

    Broken master link clip thingie, Why?

    Yea that could have ended VERY badly In a worst case scenario ... Go to your local shop and see of they have one in stock
  10. tylerslj

    Insurance for your DRZ

    Yea , you can't get theft without fire here lol ... This is also my first vehicle being road legal also , only been driving for one year and don't have my car license . I will see next year if I can get a lower rate though
  11. tylerslj

    Insurance for your DRZ

    560$ a year ... Fire and theft and basic with no collision , they wanted another 500$ for collision
  12. +1 Had to do this many a times on assortment of different dirt bikes . Good luck to you
  13. tylerslj

    weird bog when accelerating

    Check your air filter ? I developed a slight bog recently when my filter started to get time to clean. Cleaned it and now the bog is gone . I run k&n
  14. tylerslj

    Chain life

    That was a good laugh haha poor guy