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  1. suzuki125burup

    suspension rebound problems

    one more question. Is this problem just something that happens to old stuff or did I mess it up somehow. I try not to strap it in to the truck to tight cause I have heard that can cause fork problems. I have wrecked her a few times (like any good rider should) but this problem just develped overnight. the forks dont seem to leak untill it slams real hard but it doesnt just constantly leak. it leaves a little oil ring on the forks after it slams. it doesnt slam every tme just over bigger rocks. thanks again for the info I will be getting into taking them apart next week when parts come in. I will keep ya posted
  2. suzuki125burup

    suspension rebound problems

    k thanks alot should I just buy new seals or is there a total rebuild kit? which brand would you recomend? I do mostly trails with alot of loose pack rock? It seems fairly simple to redo the forks. Disasemble them, then reasemble with new seals and fill with the right amount of fluid. Is there anything else that i need to know? I have the manual and its pretty detailed. will i be able to recognize any parts that are damaged or is there something special i should pay attention too?
  3. suzuki125burup

    suspension rebound problems

    Hello all, I am new to all this so i apologize in advance. I am having trouble with my front forks. Both recently started leaking( witch i know is a common problemand plan on fixin) but that is not my issue. my problem is that when I go over large rocks or bumps my forks slam down and bottom out. Its not when i hit the rock but after the tire clears the rock the forks extend down and slams down real hard. I am new to dirtbikes as i have always ridden fourwheelers so I am not sure where to start. the adjustment clickers dont seem to have any effect on this problem and i dont want to take it to the shop because i am a diy kinda guy. but i dont want to ake it apart til i have a good idea of whats causing it. thanks for any help 1992 suzuki rm 125 "love them 2 strokes. go yellow smoker go"