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  1. I have been off a bike since '03 and am looking to get back in-my wife and kids have taken an interest. I have found an '03 CRF450R, that is suppose to have 10 hours on it. The story goes it was a back up bike and was ridden at Loretta Lynn's and a few practice sessions then parked. The first time I looked at it it didn't want to start. He said it probably needed the carb cleaned since it had sit so much, which I tended to agree. Anyway I told him I wouldn't consider the purchase unless it would start within the first couple of kicks, idle and run cleanly. He did clean the carb and the bike now starts pretty much first kick and runs cleanly and idles good. It seems to start right back up without the hot start after it has been run a while. I came off an '01 CR250R so this is my first rodeo with the thumpers. What items came stock on the bike to help verify the story-tires, bars, grips, chain, sprockets, pipe? The tires look very good as does the seat cover, graphics and plastic. He also has a factory Honda box with an extra air filter screen (backfire preventor). He has the service manual and title. What would be good price on it?