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  1. David37

    Lower steering bearing

    All Balls bearings are "All Junk". All Junk/Ball bearings are low quality and they don't last.
  2. David37

    R my riding days over??

    I'm also 60 with two bad knees but I still ride my street and dirt bikes. As a dirt rider, you won't be happy riding a quad, it's doesn't handle or have the suspension like a dirt bike, it's just not the same. IMO, I would look at a dirt bike that is lighter and smaller than your YZ250. Let us know what you end up buying.
  3. The short answer is no. The old days of installing a Baja dual sport kit on a dirt bike and getting a street license plate in California are gone.
  4. David37

    Another xc-f question

    Water pump seal is leaking and will need to be replaced.
  5. I'm thinking the only two places where your chain could rub against metal is your chain guide and your chain buffer at the swingarm pivot. I would remove your rear chain guide and look inside the guide to see if the plastic guide is worn out. I would also inspect your chain buffer at the swingarm pivot. The buffer could be worn down and your chain is rubbing against the swingarm or the metal screws that holds the buffer to the swingarm. Check the top and bottom of the chain buffer.
  6. David37

    Factory connection?

    If you tell us what you don't like about your suspension, we may be able to help you.
  7. David37

    Where to get '15 Aftermarket parts KTM ?

    I would check out Enduro Engingeering, they make high quality parts and they already have parts for 2015 KTMs. IMO they make the best skidplates on the market. http://www.enduroeng.com/
  8. I wouldn't run a 12 tooth countershaft sprocket, too small of a diameter. Since you already have a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket, change the rear to a 52 or 53.
  9. David37

    2001 KTM wierdness

    Sounds like you have a very lean condition. I would check the hot start plunger on your carb. When the hot start circuit is engage is creates a lean condition. Sometimes the hot start plunger gets stuck, take it out, clean it and apply a very slight amount of lube. Also check your hot start cable to make sure you it has some free play in the cable.
  10. David37

    Radiator guards and braces.

    +2 Bullet Proof Design radiator guards. Yes, they are $$ but they are cheaper than a new KTM radiator.
  11. David37

    KTM lifespan for a moderate rider

    If you want a street bike and a adequate dirt bike stay with the DRZ. If you want a great dirt bike and a adequate street bike buy the KTM. I've owned 4 KTMs and never experienced any mechanical or reliability problems. The secret to making an engine last, don't rev it so high you hit the rev limiter every time you ride your bike and the more often you change the oil and filter the longer your engine will last.
  12. David37

    13 350 XCF

    If you're used to a CRF450, IMO I don't think you'll be happy with the XCF350. I've ridden KTM 350 and 450 and the 350 definitely lacks bottom end torque. The 350 makes good power from mid to top. I bought a brand new 08 250 XCFW and totally tricked it out because I wanted a light weight trail bike. I sold it after 2 years and bought a KTM 450 XCF and haven't missed my 250. You should try riding KTM 300 2-stroke with electric start, you'll be surprised with the power and handling of that bike! Just my .02
  13. David37

    11' ktm 350 brake issues

    Before rebuilding the master cylinder. Start with a new bottle of DOT 4 brake fluid and I would try claybilly17 bleed method with the syringe at the caliper or buy a vacuum brake bleeder ($40 at Harbor Freight). If neither bleed method works, I would check the piston seals in the brake caliper and rebuild the brake caliper first then the master cylinder.
  14. I think your KTM has a diaphragm spring and not your typical coil spring clutch. Check out the February issue of Dirt Bike magazine. Under "Mr. Know it All" he tells the owner how to reduce the clutch pull on his new 2015 KTM 500EXC.
  15. David37

    best mods

    Best investment is getting your suspension revlaved and resprung to your weight and riding style, skidplate and ride, ride, ride.