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  1. Is there really that much difference between the 18" and 19" rear wheels? I have a 2010 450 sxf the I use for bush/woods riding only. Would I benifit from spending the money on a 18" rear??? Nice bike by the way!
  2. lowey79

    whats this noise?

    I'd start by checking valve clearances and timing tentioner. If they are within spec, then it's probably a crank or rod failing... Not a good noise though!
  3. lowey79

    Should newer SS valves need shimming?

    +1 New valves can move a little as they bed in to the seat. But once they have bed in they shouldn't move much at all.
  4. lowey79

    im wonderin what springs i need

    try the spring rate calculator on the racetech site!
  5. lowey79

    oil change

    +1 10-12 hours works for me!
  6. lowey79

    '08 450SXF Starting

    I'd say that you need to adjust your fuel screw. Also, what's your starting procedure? Do you just hit the button or is there a sequence you go through?
  7. Wouldn't even bother with a comp test. With that many hours up, the rings are shot! Provided the bore is in good condition, I would put a wiseco piston kit in it. Wiseco rings last longer than OEM and are also cheaper. A fresh top end should also cure your stalling issue too.
  8. lowey79

    '08 450SXF Starting

    I've got a '10 with 40 hours on it, and find it to be the easiest starting bike ever! Having said that, my old '07 was a fair pain to get started before i give it a new set of rings. For whatever reason, KTM rings are a bit soft and wear out rather quickly. The recommended service life is only 40 hours??? The first things i would check though, is valve clearances, spark plug condition and fuel screw adjustment. (1/4 turn either way might help?) In my experience the rc4 engine is easy to start, in gear or in neutral, if it's in good condition mechanically. So if you're having trouble, it's a sign that something is upset slightly? Cheers.