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  1. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction here. I ride mostly technical trails, but will race a little bit of MX from time to time. The 250 Sx-f is a really nice bike, but how does the new Xc-f compare to its Motocross counter-part power and weight wise. And finally is the Berg 250 just as powerful as the other two? And in terms of reliability and weight how does it fair?
  2. After riding again this weekend I honestly still havnt made up my mind yet.. I dont really care about seat height anymore after riding my friends 300xc on the trails fine. But I really didnt like how wide it was, Are the 150 sx and the 250 sxf just as wide as the 300? I didnt really feel as in control while riding because it is alot wider than a yamaha per say. I really dont want the Kawi anymore because of the weight. But i am now considering the Honda 250r aswell because of the reliability. So If it was between the 250r, 250 sxf, and the 150sx which has the most power in 2013 and which do you think will be the skinniest bike for better control? Thanks, -Chad
  3. i went to my local dealer and sat on the bikes and talked with the guys there and right now since i cant really buy used (i need to finance) its either the 250 sxf, or the kawi. Because its more mild on trails then the 150 and the 200 xcw isnt good for mx.
  4. Hello there, I am looking for a new bik to race/trail ride with. I will be mostly racing and I am 5'8" 135 pounds. This is not my first bike I started on a YZ 85 and just recently have been riding a yz250f. I am more of an aggresive style rider on the track, and I go up to PA with my friend alot to ride some sick trails. Im leaning towards the 250 sxf because its supposed to have jumped up 5 horses and been made lighter than last years. The Kawi is nice because it has a shorter seat height and nice power. And for the two strokes, my friend just recently got a Ktm 300 xc ad it has some major balls and it makes me miss my two stroke so i have been looking at those two. But can you just let me know which bike would fit me and my riding style the best? Thanks -Chad