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  1. I just bought a 2013 150SX and I am in desperate need of jetting help! It is stock right now with a 40 pilot, 182 main, NOZI needle 2nd position from the top and the air screw is 2 turns out. Now I just broke it in on the stock jetting and I noticed a bit of bogging on the pilot circut. I live in toronto but mostly ride in lindsay, barrie and bobcaygeon. From my research the elevation does not exceed 1000ft? above sea level in any of these locations?? and the stock jetting is jetted for elevations above this. And it is pretty cold out now but I dont plan to ride it that much more. As my manual says i should move to a 42 pilot, same needle 3rd clip from the top, and a 182 main while leaving the air screw?? Is this calculation correct and have I hurt my bike be breaking it in on the wrong, I guess jetting?
  2. TwinAir57

    2005 YZ 125 Top End?/Jetting

    I just bought my first two stroke! I went to pick it up and it ran great(idol'd) and now its stalling when warm. I live in Toronto so 25c+ weather and I am not sure about elevation!? The bike I bought has an FMF SST pipe and Shorty silencer. I have heard a lot about getting the perfect jetting with the SST. Some one in Florida made a post about the jetting and how FMF recommends the SST's jetting to be "extremely lean". Through the post on Thumper Talk it seems the found the perfect jetting at 430 Main, 40 Pilot, and Needle #6BFY42-74 which I think is stock (what is the needle?). So his temp were he rides and how he rides is very similar to mine and i think our elevations are close, mind you that he is using 40:1 with pump gas and I just put in 32:1 with pump gas. When I bought this bike the owner said that he installed a new top end. from the looks of it its BRAND NEW he said he only did 1 hour on it. He gave me the old cylinder and head which he blew up from the head gasket melting on top and causing an air leak. The post with the guy in Florida said he did the same thing?? &%$#@!! So I raced this weekend before I did the research and I want to pull the head off to make sure I didn't cause any damage. Will ruin the head gasket if i do so? I am for sure going to Check the jetting and put it at the recommended from that fourm? and there is a bunch of black burnt and un-burnt oil coming from where the header of the pipe connects to the exhaust port? is this normal? How do I adjust the air screw properly i have read many differnet methods? I NEED HELP!!