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  1. It's stock. Looking through some previous threads looks like I need a 155 or maybe 160 main jet. Dynojet vs JD? Any reason not to get the Dynojet, a few reasonable priced ones on ebay.
  2. Any suggestions for jetting? Checked the jets yesterday and they were 142.5 main and 22.5 pilot, so standard. Bikes got 3x3 mod and Full Yoshi RS2 system from previous owner... Anywhere to get it local for a decent price?
  3. Would love to ride dirt, my issue is as you point out, I don't have a good feel of how the bike behaves on the limit, and what to do when I hit that limit. I think it's probably a heap safer and forgiving to find it on dirt then on bitumen... that said, I don't really have the means to ride dirt? Maybe throw some adventure style tyres on the DRZ, could be a better option then doing track days? Aim is to get better at riding and the mechanical stuff, then hopefully step onto something quicker/lighter!
  4. Well, got all the covers on, piston in, head torqued down, everything turning nicely. The top is a lot easier than the bottom that's for sure! Will sort the timing out next, and that should be the internals done, give everything a scrub, and I can hopefully stuff the engine back in the bike on the weekend Have only ridden maybe 200km in the past 5 years, so nope. Plan is to get this thing sorted, then get some good leathers and hopefully spend some time on a track and learn how to ride properly and fast. Done enough "fast" riding on the road to realise I don't have enough talent to keep it up long term.... Would be keen to catch up with some other drz riders thou, just to see if the bikes running up to scratch. Previous owner did the 3x3 mod on it, but I don't think they rejetted the carb correctly, will have to pull it apart and check it out. Dunlops look good, have always heard good things about the Pilot Powers too.... the names got a good ring to it haha. It's got some rubbish sport touring tyres on it at the moment, not much good for anything. Will have to call eddie, and see what he recommends to run this thing in oil wise. Keen to know how you guys go with the different oils, I think probably the most important thing is just regular changes, probably hard to tell the long term effects of mineral vs semi-synth vs full synth? That said I doubt I'll do many K's so I'll probably just throw the good stuff in there!
  5. I'm over in Greenslopes. What kinda oil are you guys running in your DRZs? And any suggestions for good tyres? I don't care about life as I don't have enough time to really put big K's on it, just want really sticky round things!
  6. hey guys, just thought say I'd hi as an brissie drz400sm owner. just finished getting the crankcase back together on mine, hopefully get the top of the engine back together this week, and all back in the bike on the weekend! if anyone local is chasing the "special tools" to do a bottom end themselves, lemme know, happy to lend em out, or lend a hand! buying the bike was a bit of a disaster to be honest, but learning a heap and having fun working on it. can't wait to get it back together, and then start the mods.... it's a bit tall for me being all of 170cm, so need to start looking at options to lower it a tad next!
  7. Count yourself lucky. I ordered a head, piston, cylinder and crank. Waited 7 months for it to arrive.. It got shipped to the wrong place twice (Norway and Greece? &%$#@!). All I got was a sorry, we're working on it. Which is okay the first time you hear it, but not the 20th. Not trying to tell people how to run a business, but seems like urgent fixes are needed. Or maybe a time machine. And to top it all off, one of the intake valves are out of spec, so now I have to stuff around and find some shims....
  8. They are the contacts and springs for the neutral safety switch, just got it back together earlier and the rest of the bottom end stitched together. There are two, I think the micro-fiche just omits them for clarity. I took the shifting mechanism apart, and all bits were account for.
  9. thanks e.marq, quality advice. my first time with an engine apart, so have been pretty wary about going anywhere near a hammer! got a few things on today, but hopefully have the bottom end buttoned up this morning, will do the top tomorrow.
  10. Ah yup, that looks like it. Thanks marq. JIS driver I think I had one cause I manage to get it off surprisingly easy. I'll double check cause I want to replace the drive shaft seal as well and I'm a bit wary of the screws that hold that retainer in. Any comments on using a manual impact screwdriver with the correct bit? I'm gonna chase some countersunk hex head cap screws see if they fit, and some hex heads for the carby bowl.
  11. I thought it was them too, pulled it apart but nope! The ones in the shifting mech are half as long and are just a plain cylinder with a slight dome on one end. Also, they really should ban the use of philips head screws!
  12. Hey guys, Just rebuilding my drz, got the crankcase back together, however found a few bits on the bench that I can't identify. Looked through the manual, and the online microfiches but no luck. Anyone know where these go? My friends got a few projects on the go as well, but he seemed fairly certain they weren't from one of this bikes.
  13. Thanks for the responses guys, at least I feel pretty confident now that I will eventually receive the parts, and that they will work. I guess it's all relative. I never expected to be waiting 5+months just for a replacement stock head/piston/cylinder/crank.
  14. I guess this is sarcasm based on the other responses. Just would be nice if it was faster...
  15. Hi guys, So I have edited the original post, as it seems like as annoying as my wait has been, I am dealing with the best guys for DRZ parts, so all I can do is wait. Does anyone have email contacts for anyone other then eddie. Seems like eddie is flat out, I'm not sure but maybe I'll have more luck talking to one of the other guys who has more time on their hands? Cheers, Ben