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    hard starting 05 cr250f

    thanks guys I will for sure just get that taken care of then. Its good to know that is a warning sign that its time for new valves. I always assumed that the valves needed to be done when they get too tight to adj. as in they dont make any smaller shims
  2. tatted_case

    2007 kx 450 seized motor question( but its not )

    thank you I will give that a shot and see what I can see. like I said I turned the motor over from the stator side but I didnt after I pulled the cover off the kick side so I will give that a shot and see if I can see anything obvious if not I guess I will start to tear apart and inspect the kicker assembly
  3. tatted_case

    2007 kx 450 seized motor question( but its not )

    not on here for an english lesson buddy thanks though
  4. tatted_case

    hard starting 05 cr250f

    hello I have a 2005 cr250f that I have been haveing starting issues with now for a while. I have re shimmed it three times in 6 months and each time it last three to four rides before it is impossible to start. not sure what to think maybe just time for a top end rebuild could use some suggestions though thanks.
  5. k so my buddy was riding the other day and as he was crusing along on his 07 kx 450 out of no where the motor stahls and causes him to skid to a stop. he tried to kick it over but it wouldnt budge. well end of story seized motor right he was not a happy camper. this past weekend we pulled the motor out of the bike and proceded to tear into it and figure out what we were dealing with. first thing I did was pull the flywheel cover off and put a socket on the flywheel nut and try to turn the motor over. well guess what it did and it felt great good compression. so I went a head and check the valve clearences the exhaust side looked great. the intake side was tight and out of tolerance but not anymore then normal wear would suggest. but I told him the motor is on the table we just as well rebuild the topend it is a 2007 and it hasnt ever been done before. so for peace of mind and a fresh top end we are going to go ahead on do it. but that is not my question. my question is that even though the motor turns over. when I try to use the kickstater it is still completely seized. I pulled the case cover off the kickstarter side and could not see any obvious damage or anything broken at that. so what the heck is going on lol hopefully someone can help me out with this and thank you in advance I greatly appreciate it.
  6. thank you jjy130 I didnt know if it was going to hurt somthing so i stoped riding it as soon as i felt something was not right. now knowing it runied your buddys stuff I will pull it apart today and try to figure it out.
  7. hey everyone. hopefully you guys can help me out i just replaced the fork seals on my 2007 YZ450F which would be the cartridge style fork. I took the bike out for a ride on saturday. when my forks fully extend out like pulling out of a deep whoop section it feels almost like my handle bar clamps are loose. but when i check over everything on the front end its all tight. when my bike is sitting on the stand i can grab my front tire and pull down and the fork will extend out about another 1/4 inch. has anyone had this happen to them or now what it is? thanks ahead of time.