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  1. I just wanted to say THANKS for all the advice so far, although variable (the advice) there's alot of similarity to what people are saying. I have to admit I've made (and continue to do so) some simple mistake due to my lack of training. thanks again
  2. Hi Brand new here guys so I have a question. I'm 48 yrs old and just bought my first bike in March of this year (2006 TTR230). Love it until I started going around our local MX track. I'm lucky since the track is really close to my house so its a 2min bike ride and I'm there. Anyways, when I first started on the track (with the TTR) I would only go on it when no one was around (this happens alot of times since our town isn't that big)> After a few crashes I convinced myself that I needed a new bike more suited for the track. I bought a 2006 KTM 250sxf in May. This track is not big time track (town popl'n is ~15,000), it has ~17 jumps, most jumps are ~20-30ft with a few bigger ones. I can do ~10 jumps right now. Problem is that I'm starting to crash quite abit as I try to tackle some new jumps. Worst ones for me are jumps that have a tight corner right after them since I find braking immediately after jumping to be sometimes difficult if not every thing going 100% smooth on the jump. Plus the throttle control and the degree of power between the KTM vs the TTR is like night and day and I'm definitely not 100% comfortable with the new bike yet. Anyways, I haven't broken anything yet, but find its takes me close to 1-3 weeks to recover from some of my crashes. Questions? Is it common to crash this much (~3 times in the last 6 bike rides) as I'm trying to improve or I'm I trying to push myself too fast? I'm not racing anyone when I crash, but everytime I'm on the track I try to do something (improve) that I didn't do before. Body starting to get pretty sore and the wife is starting to rag on me. I guess I need to know if I want to improve, is crashing is just part of the game? thanks