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  1. What bike is this off of ? i am looking for an aftermarket
  2. great bikes, i have a clean XL350 in Pa if anyone is interested,
  3. where did you get the O-ring from ? i need to order one
  4. how about getting a oil filter cover to stop leaking on my 85XL350R, ever since i changed the oil and filter i have a leaking cover, their was no gasket on the cover when i removed it, should their have been a gasket ? do the covers warp and leak ?
  5. i found a mid pipe for the xl350 today, anyone recommend a slip on muffler that will work ? i have never seen one of these mid pipes before, did they come with an after market muffler ?
  6. live in uniontown at the foot of the mountains, some great riding, miles and miles of trails
  7. Nice looking bike, What size sprockets are you running ? i need more top end speed i will be doing alot of road riding, i want to do 55 with out the engine screaming, also what years xl400 fit
  8. Muffler is what is in really bad shape, welded together and falling apart, i will restore the header pipe. got to replace the muffler
  9. Newbe here, what a great read this topic is. just picked up an 85 XL350R last weekend. this seems to be the place find out the info i need, i had one of these back when i just hgot out of high school back in 84, always missed that bike and the good times, the feeling on the test ride was awesome i brought it home, i need to find an exhaust for this bike, can anyone point me in the right direction. i would appreciate it,