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  1. dirtysaul

    Grip/Protective tape for frame

    Ah cool, thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what people use on the sides of the frame as a grip tape or even just a protective layer so the frame doesn't get scuffed up by boots? I've seen a few bikes with it on but I don't know if it is a specific product you can buy or if people just use something else and cut to fit? Let me know, thanks.
  3. dirtysaul

    2008 rm250 no longer starts

    Quite a bit harder to kick, I know the plastics got nothing to do with it, just explained everything I did. Didn't use a rag when I cleaned the airbox, I have one of those covers that screws on. And I didn't use a cap on my silencer. It's a mystery, I'll try a new plug though and see what that does.
  4. dirtysaul

    2008 rm250 no longer starts

    Having a problem with my rm: Took the plastic off over the weekend for cleaning. Replaced the air filter with a brand new Twin Air filter. Took the spark plug out and checked it, it was pretty black and I had oil coming out the exhaust from the last ride I took it on. It was the first time doing some serious, steep hill-climbing with the bike. Put everything back on and now it won't start. Something feels really hard with the kickstarter, harder than before I took everything off. I don't know much about bikes obviously but this has me really confused, any ideas what could of caused the bike to no longer start? Let me know, thanks.