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  1. bigmoo

    how much is my bike worth?

    I'd ask $2200, settle for $1900, and just keep it when everyone offers you $1400....... it rediculous what it costs to maintain these bikes, and it hurts at resale time. I'd just ride it until its roached and then part it out.
  2. bigmoo

    2004 yz250f stock exhaust db level?

    Ttt....... Lil help
  3. bigmoo

    Hard to start when cold

    If i find TDC on my bike instead of kicking like a maniac it starts first kick every time with choke and absolutely no throttle. If i even touch the throttle its flood city!
  4. bigmoo

    2004 yz250f stock exhaust db level?

    Do you know if the q4 is louder than stock on a mx bike?
  5. bigmoo

    2004 yz250f stock exhaust db level?

    And I understand the whole "more sound equals less ground" thing, but I am in no position to negatively affect any one with the exhaust on my dirt bike.
  6. I have a 2004 yz250f and I'm wondering if anyone knows the decible rating for the oem spiggot style muffler. Off my ear I'd say its pretty loud. I'd like to know if a new powercore 4 is going to be substantially louder then my stock pipe. I'm torn on the powercore or the q4. Ive read how loud the powercore is, and ive listened to many videos of it on youtube but its difficult to really tell how loud it really is. I keep reading these comments of how it "makes my ears want to bleed" and I'm sorry but I just don't see it. I'm all Mx with no sound restrictions. If I do get the q4 is the q4 going to sound better then the stock exhaust? The one clip on you tube of a yz250f running the q4 is short and of low quality. The clips of the powercore 4 range from sounding no louder then my stock exhaust, to "holy crap that thing sounds rediculous" any and all input is appreciated. Thanks yall
  7. bigmoo

    Hard to start when cold

    Uuummm..... I wouldn't say 4 to 5 kicks to start after sitting for 2 weeks is anything to even worry about. Especially seeing as how it starts in 1 to 2 kicks when its hot.... I mean are you kicking from top dead center everytime, or are you one of these kats that just jump up there and start kicking the hell out of it like yer spurring on a bare back horse? Are you using the choke? If your valves are in spec and you don't have stumbling across the rpm range I wouldn't worry about a thing.
  8. bigmoo

    Newbie WR250f Questions

    Did the bike set up for a while? Mine sat for 2 years being only started and not ridden, and when I did start riding it I had a serious clutch drag problem. I put a few hours on it and now its no longer a problem. I would either just ride it and put some time on it, or id pull my clutch and take a look at everything.
  9. bigmoo

    What is wrong with my ignition coil?

    Is the bike difficult to start? Have you measured valve clearance? How many hours are on the bike? Pretty sure that out of spec valves can cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing. I feel for you man. I hope you didn't pay a lot for the bike. That's a pretty old model, and if it wasent properly maintained, rebuilding is going to get financially stupid if you don't know how to do it yourself.
  10. bigmoo

    Couple of quick questions

    oh yeah they can suffer from a broken foot peg mounts where the bolts holding the foot pegs bolt into the engine case. look that area over and make sure there are no hairline cracks or chunks of aluminum missing. cradel mount solves that problem and can be had for 80 bux or so from a place like t bolt. first upgrade you should make even for a 9 year old. also stay away from 02 models the are one year specific on a lot of parts, and not many upgrade parts avialable
  11. bigmoo

    Couple of quick questions

    the klx 110 comes in a standard model which is a semi automatic which means there is no physical hand clutch, just let off gas shift and go. the klx also comes in the L model which has a rised suspension and a manual hand clutch. beauty of the klx 110 is there are so many aftermarket parts available for upgrades. when your kids ready for a clutch you add a clutch....when he gets a little taller you get a tall seat.... when he gets a little braver you add a 165cc stroked lumper and watch him scare himself haha. when looking at used bikes its like any other dirt bike. listen for funny engine noises, watch for smoke, check the bearings, etc. watch out buying used when the rider was primarily an adult. the bikes really arent designed for heavy riders who ride them like a mini mx bike. you can run into bikes with bent axles, bent swing arms, bent forks, and all that jazz. once upgraded for a full size rider the klx 110 can be almost beat to death and still keep going. good luck and i believe it would be a great bike for your kid.
  12. bigmoo

    2006 KLX110 Carb Issues!

    check the carb float and make sure its operating properly. could be a flame out issue. what kind of carburator is it. do you have pics?
  13. bigmoo

    Son's 110 not getting full power all the time?

    also it may be related to the fuel mixture screw on the carburator. it should be turned 1.25 to 2.5 turns out. anymore or any less and you need to work on the jetting.
  14. bigmoo

    Son's 110 not getting full power all the time?

    how many hours are on the bike? couple of things to check would be the valves, and a possible jetting issue. like does it seem to have full power and then you give it gas and it falls on its face while still holding or building rpm's? if the bike sat for a while with fuel in it before you bought it, the jets in the carb may be clogged. if the bike has low hours on it, i would suspect the carb to be the issue. does it back fire and pop at all? does the idle hang? also if the bikes were bought used and someone either put an aftermarket pipe on the bike or tampered with the stock exhaust in an attempt to make it louder, that can throw the jetting off in the carb and cause issues like you have described. changing the jets is super easy.
  15. bigmoo

    Klx 110 Kickstarter low pressure

    does it give absolutely no resistance or is there slight? all motorcycles with a kick starter will do the same thing before in reaches the compression stroke. there should be some felt resistance up to that point. does the bike smoke? does it have plenty of power when you are rideing it? when kicking the bike push down on the kicker until you feel slight pressure, then raise the kicker all the way to the top. push down till you feel pressure raise to the top and then kick all the way thru the stroke. hope this helps. someone else may chime in if its a possible mechanical issue.