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    Mines and Meadows?

    It was actually a lot of fun. The single traack is pretty rough and grown over. It's only good if you like dodging trees and riding 1st the whole time. Other than that it was interesting, We went on some trails that were definately quads only. Puddles 12 -16 feet long and up to the kicker. We had three bikes and 11 quads in the group and us three on the bikes eventually broke off. Besides the overgrown single track and the mud, it is a nice place. Plenty of room and the trails are all cleared off. We will be going back in a few weeks.
  2. JCala101

    Pennsylvania Mines and Meadows?

    Hey guys, Tomorrow, a group of guys from work plan on going to Mines and Meadows near Pittsburgh. Most of the guys ride quads or side by sides except for me and one other guy. I was just wondering if anyone has ridden there on their bikes and what you though about it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! Jim
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to Thumper Talk but not to the dirtbike/quad scene. I also live in the Latrobe area. I'm willing to meet up with some people that are willing to ride. My buddy is a member of Westco Highlands and we've been doing some riding up there. It's a five dollar donation for any non member. There are also some area's on the surrounding ridgeline but I haven't been up there since I had my quad.(2 years ago) Anyway, if anyone is willing to do some exploring or knows the trails im game for trying it out. -Jim