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  1. Yeah I saw that but they're close enough! I'm more interested in the details like powder coating, part sources, etc. The one I bought is complete but in need of a rebuild & restoration.
  2. I just picked up a 79 RM125 so I'll be following this thread closely!
  3. Congrats man, I picked up my new 2016 FC250 today and I'm looking forward to riding it this weekend. Let me know how it goes for you.
  4. Cool, thanks! I'll head over there now!
  5. Where did you get the countershaft sproket cover/case saver from? I need one of those in blue!
  6. Nevermind I remembered the sticky thread.
  7. Yeah if you have coolant in the transmission oil you either have a bad waterpump seal or there's a crack somewhere. My bet is the waterpump seal needs to be replaced.
  8. Damn! How did you polish that frame?
  9. Give us some idea of what its doing (or not doing...besides running). Is it getting a spark, is fuel getting to the carb? There's a lot of guys on here that can help. I hope that for $1900 they completely rebuilt the entire motor!
  10. Thanks guys, will normal Bel-Ray grease work?
  11. No, you're fine. I'm 5'4" and 145lbs and that's what I ride. I did have Total Control Suspension revalve, respring and lower my bike by 1" and I'm good to go.
  12. I tried the FAQ section but the link was broken. Is there a link or a video that will show me what I need to know about disassembling and replacing the fork seals on our XR50? It looks like the fork seals blew out and leaked oil all over the place but if I'm not mistaken there isn't any oil in these forks, correct? Anyway I was planning on pulling the front end off, greasing the stearing bearings, checking the front brakes and replacing the fork seals (or dust covers) so any instructions and advice will be greatly appreciated. -Marc
  13. I followed jwahrmund's advice and adjusted the valves. It didn't make much of a difference so I pulled the carb off (again) and removed the float bowl, float, choke and mail jet. I then had my buddy soak the carb in an ultrasonic cleaner at his work. I put it all back together using a new main jet, new float valve, and gaskets. I'm happy to report it's running great! It starts right up on the first kick and is so much more responsive. I think the combo of cleaning out the carb and adjusting the valves did it for me.
  14. What do you mean? You don't need to pull the flywheel to replace the clutch cable...