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  1. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Went for a ride today. Finding I'm backfiring under de-acceleration. Think this means I've gone too lean. Never had the problem before my recent attempt to dial in the fuel screw. Other than that, running great!! M
  2. Mark831

    What did you do to your WR today?

    My god your bike is clean. The head tube doesn't look as though is has ever got hot? What ya do to it!? Anyways, Today I dialled in the fuel screw having fitted the R@D flexible fuel screw. You gotta have it! Recently fitted merge AP spring and new diaphragm. Fitted GPR under bar steering damper. Removed rear wheel for a new tyre, took it to dealer, dealer didn't have the right size, put wheel back on with same old tyre! Hmmm!
  3. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Followed instructions thanks. Turned out 1 as instructed having taken the idle down to almost a stall. Revs noticeably raised after half turn in (leaner). Adjusted idle and pretty much kept it there. Did try winding it all the way in. It didn't stall but figured the point at the raised revs was probably best. Anyway, sounds ok, ticks over ok, revs ok. I must have got it about right!? M
  4. Mark831

    Grey wire help! Please

    I'm probably not ridding hard enough yet to notice the difference. I'm sure those that do can appreciate the advantages better than I can. Anyway it's off and there' s no need to reconnect it. It's a matter of choice.
  5. Mark831

    Grey wire help! Please

    Pulled the grey wire. Can't say I noticed any thing significant. So I'll take that as a good thing and trust everyone's good advice. Thanks gus
  6. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Thanks for the advice. Have taken the fuel screw out today and pared back the rubber sleeve about 1.5cm. This has allowed it to screw in properly and now I can screw it in until it stops. It didn't reach the stop previously as I suspect it never caught the thread!! No time yet to dial it in. Will update when I have had a chance to follow the steps described by krannie. Many thanks M
  7. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    P.S. That's a flexible fuel screw. Thanks.
  8. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    So, had the carb and bike together now for a couple of weeks. Have fitted new AP spring and diaphragm. Have also fitted an R&D adjustable fuel screw. Having trouble dialling it in despite guidance found on the forum. I find turning it in to then turn out 2 turns as a starting point is proving difficult. It turns but I cannot feel when it's all the way in? Is it possible to turn it too far in and stuff it up?
  9. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Thanks for the continuing snippets of advice. I've removed the carb today and actually found the leak jet is #45 not a stock #60 as I thought. Have cleaned it all out and am waiting for my merge AP spring to arrive and will replace the diaphragm while I'm this far into it. Never messed with the carb before. Feeling like a heart surgeon first day on the job!
  10. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Thanks krannie, It is a National pass time not to search the local stores but rather find some far flung Online store who can supply the part cheaper and create a carbon footprint with airfreight the size of an ocean!
  11. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    ... plus where is the best place to get a leak jet and upgraded accel pump diaphragm. If I can get them both from the same place it might save me on postage!? Any ideas? thanks M
  12. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    Thanks Krannie, Will the JD Jetting kit cover off on the 50 leak jet? Feeling more confident now. Will let evryone know how it goes. M
  13. Mark831

    Bog! WR450 2008

    My WR is pretty much stock apart from the usual mods: Peashooter removed. AIS removed Shorter throttle stop Grey wire disconnected. 2200kms Operating in Western Australia. Increasingly competent novice rider. I recently noticed that when I snap open the throttle the engine just cuts out. I have read all the threads and it seems I have all the symptoms of the dreaded bog! So, my bike is now in pieces and I have got myself down to the carb! I have watched the pilot jet in operation and the jet does spray beyond the slide line, just, and for less than 1 second. Certainly not a super soaker streaming to the back of the carb! It is my plan to remove the carb and inspect the diagphram and the ap adjustments. Q. Does the reported typically weak spring on the AP apply to the 2008. Q. Does the above mods typically require rejetting? Q. Should I stop reading thumper talk in the same way I don't read medical journals now my bike is in pieces and I'm concerned I'll never get it back together! Many thanks M
  14. Mark831

    sand Dune Riding Help

    The one thing I always remind myself of is NEVER crest a dune blind. Always check from the ridge line. Dune shapes and drop off can change by the hour. Finally, ride it like its stolen..... Apart from cresting the dune bit!!!
  15. Mark831

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I'm 44 and been riding since I was..... Yep, 43! It's been 4 weeks since my last ride. Stuffed my back up in the garden! So I'm going to have to sell it...... the garden that is! My strategy is to recruit my Chiro to our riding group and perhaps soften the suspension up a little. I'm riding a wr450 and definitely learning the hard way but its great fun and I ride with a great bunch of younger guys who I think appreciate the breather just hanging on for me every now and then!