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  1. No problem, glad it worked!
  2. Maybe try this link? The top one should be the 250 manual. It's a PDF by the way
  3. For compression tests you should hold the throttle wide open and kick 5 times consecutively. No way 40 psi can be right, hopefully wide open with 5 kicks will give a better reading.
  4. Plus it was a bail on a triple..... where the bike landed on top of him. That sounds like a bad crash even if the bike could have been "less sharp". Hope you recover quick though JR, can't imagine the quality of life when i can't even wipe my own ass!
  5. Sounds like you just got unlucky with the crash. They happen, but I don't think it's worth trying to cover the bike as there will always be something that can cut/damage you if given the chance. Unless you want to bubble wrap your body and the bike, that might work out!
  6. Hey guys thanks for the tips. I ended up drilling out the screw head to get a little room, and then using a lot of heat and a lot of force haha. Needless to say i'll be replacing these on reinstall. thanks again.
  7. Hey guys, so I'm digging in to this xr200 engine and hit a snag. The screw heads to remove a cover near the clutch were on really tight, and were a little stripped. Me and the old man ended up trying to remove them (further stripping them), and then ended up drilling into them and using a remover to try and loosen them. None of this has worked and we dug ourselves into a hole here, and I'm looking for anything else i can do before giving up and taking it somewhere. There's a pic below, thanks in advance
    Nice pipe.
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    Put fresh top end in summer 2013. Love the bike!
    Put fresh top end in summer 2013. Love the bike!
  9. And also if you order it from JD they will jet it to the conditions or style you tell them. Makes things easier when it comes almost perfectly jetted!
  10. I really don't think rings are necessary at 4 hours and 215 psi compression, that seems plenty good. It'll be ready for next season like it is, and you can save yourself the tear-down... Unless you truly want to boost up the compression even more
  11. +1 for this. Threw a 38mm airstriker in my 02 250 and it's fantastic. Bolts right in
  12. Got it! Thanks for the info fellas, valves don't look too good but the piston/cylinder seem to be alright. May have to split the cases and take a closer look at the crank...
  13. thanks for the replies. i have the top half of the head off, to where I can see the valves and cam. ill unbolt the tensioner and remove the chain and hopefully the rest of the head will come off. When i checked the valves they had some rust and did not look good, so I'm going to go ahead and say he didn't get all the water out . This keeps on looking worse and worse for his poor XR