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    I have done the stator check where u disconnect the yellow wires,but it still splutters and backfires really loud
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    thanks,the bike does not smoke,the wire i am going on about does clip in somewhere but to which colour wires.mine are black and white,but there is no colour match conector .so which colour wires do i connect it too cheers.
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    hi,the bike is totally standard, The garage checked and cleaned the carb,said there was nothing wrong with it,he also checked the float height I have noticed that when you rev bike it will only rev about half of the revs,it feels like its short of fuel.its had a new plug and cap ,good spark, new lead.The wire comes from the small like round container which is attached to the float bowel on the choke side thanks
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    Hi,can anyone help. My drz 400s has started to splutter and backfire while riding it.i can ride through the spluttering which tends to be when i open the throttle to accelerate hard. I have had the carb checked by a local garage and it is ok Also when putting the carb back on where does the black and yellow/black and grey white wire from cylinder on bottom of carb go to.i cannot find another of the same colour to connect it too I have checked for air leaks and none found cheer s