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  1. ^^Two days after purchase^^ AND NOW: Dropped about $2k on it, on top of my $1k purchase price. Excellent, EXCELLENT bike. Let me know what you guys think! First (Street legal) bike! (: LOVE IT!
  2. I hot-wired the ignition as well, and spaced that it was the same key, so off I rode. I had to get gas. Yes, are you selling the whole tank or just the cap?
  3. That's really cool man! Great idea!
  4. I have a 1992 DR-350s, and I lost the original key. So, I drilled out the lock on my fuel cap which is working for now. However, I am looking for a new or used one, but I'm not having any luck. So I was wondering might anyone have a old gas cap with a key? Something that isn't going to cost me $100 preferably? Thanks