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  1. DRJag

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    ^^Two days after purchase^^ AND NOW: Dropped about $2k on it, on top of my $1k purchase price. Excellent, EXCELLENT bike. Let me know what you guys think! First (Street legal) bike! (: LOVE IT!
  2. DRJag

    DR350S Fuel Cap

    I hot-wired the ignition as well, and spaced that it was the same key, so off I rode. I had to get gas. Yes, are you selling the whole tank or just the cap?
  3. DRJag

    DR350 cheapskate headlight shroud mod

    That's really cool man! Great idea!
  4. DRJag

    DR350S Fuel Cap

    I have a 1992 DR-350s, and I lost the original key. So, I drilled out the lock on my fuel cap which is working for now. However, I am looking for a new or used one, but I'm not having any luck. So I was wondering might anyone have a old gas cap with a key? Something that isn't going to cost me $100 preferably? Thanks