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  1. Brizene

    Narrowing down the issue!

    Jump started the beast and drove to Mikes. Switched out his starter relay and mine, fired right up!! Mystery solved!!!
  2. Brizene

    Narrowing down the issue!

    I did, while on speaker with my friend Mike Reiter, run jumper wires over everything and he said it didnt make sense because when I jumper the yellow/black and the orange in the back of the interlock relay the bike should fire. I ran a secondary yellow black all the way to the starter relay and nothing. Noe that I think about it though what if the black/white wire coming off the starter relay was broken somewhere. I am going to have to check that first thing tomorrow!!
  3. Brizene

    Narrowing down the issue!

    The side stand switch and the clutch switch have been disabled. I dont ever here anything click from the starter relay, when I turn the key and push the switch I here a click coming from the Interlock relay and the relay that was installed for the HID head lamp.
  4. Brizene

    Narrowing down the issue!

    Ok so as some of you know I was having issues with the cable that came off my starter, was heating up bad and starting to smoke when turn over was cold. Eventually when I went to start it I would push the button and get nothing. If I held in the button and gave the bike a smack near the ass end she would fire. That didnt last long and now I have no action when I push the button. I replaced the starter because the old one was no good. Still didnt solve the issue though. SO where I am now is I can turn the key on and start the bike by running a cable across the two screws on the starter relay. It fires right up. Does this mean that the starter relay needs to be replaced? My buddy Dave Chambers for a visit was over and thinks it may be the signal light relay FE249JR being as its also the ignition relay, whos bright idea was it to combine those hahaha. Before I go and spend 75 bucks on a starter relay, or $100 bucks on a signal light relay can anyone tell me how to test these?? Thanks for your help!!
  5. Brizene

    Starter gone, need recommendations.

    No I do need it though
  6. So my starter went, and I wondered what people recommend. Rebuild or new? If new, there are aftermarket starters available here from $80-$145. The OEM is $250. Out of the 4 aftermarket which would be good for my bike, it has the 440 big bore, RHC Cams, FCR-41 Carb etc. Im on a pretty tight budget, I figure new brushes and orings with new post would probably do fine, but Im curious to see what those who know better would say.
  7. Brizene

    STarter wire heating up and melting

    I was having issues with no action when I pushed the start button on my bike, I was able to get it started by smacking the side of the bike near the battery. I then got stranded at work as that didnt work anymore and I had to jump start it, which is not easy with a big bore kit and massive compression, the tire just drags. I came home and checked all the cables, and there was power at the battery. I used another battery to try and see if I could jump the starter and I got nada. OK, so I pulled the starter out and tried to disconnect the cable from it and it was so corroded, it started to spin. I just cut the cable as close to the starter as I could, it was all melty anyways near the end. Again I tried to test the starter with another battery and still got nothing. I figured that the brushes may be gone. I pulled the starter apart and couldnt get at the brushes to look at them because of the bolt still being on the post, so I tried getting it off and it just spun, breaking the cable to one of the brushes. Do people recommend just rebuilding the starter or just replacing it?? I looked at them on here and there are four universal starters ranging from $80-$145. Which one would people recommend I get if new is the way to go??
  8. Hi there, I went out to start up the bike this spring...I know, its well passed spring, ive been busy. When I tried to start it the cable coming of the starter started to heat up and the rubber end started to melt? Should I be concerned? I just went out to start it so it wasnt a tough start in the spring again and it happened again. Is it due to old rubber end or is the an electrical issue this could be linked to?
  9. The 12 cell ballistic has both options. I bought one and got home to find out I was given the wrong one and had to return and exchange it for the right one.
  10. Brizene

    Ballistic 12 cell

    Thats awesome Craigo. Do you not have any issues with mud flying in the back? I never thought to remove the back of the box.
  11. Brizene

    Ballistic 12 cell

    I have. I was having cranking issues with the 8 so I upgraded. I made a new battery box strap out of a steel 2x4 hanger and wrapped it in a rubber tape. The only issue I have still is I have to mod the panel because the bottom hole doesnt line up for the bolt, I have it zip tied at the moment. 12 cell rocks though!!
  12. Ok, now I'm pretty convinced that it's not my stator, and it's not my rectifier. My buddy came over to my place and we took his off and put it on my bike and it still didn't go up in volts when we up the rpm's. Here is the funny part. I was so anxious to go for a ride I through everything back together except for te battery cover panel and we went for a ride. Our goal was to stop and test the voltage at the battery after riding. We went down the road a bit and battery was up to 14 from 13.5. So we decided to ride some trails to see if the bumping around had a factor in it and stopped and the battery was at 14.5. So can we maybe conclude that I may have a total dud battery?
  13. So I did the free power mod and still do not get an increase in volts when I rev up the rpms. I will be grabbing. Battery tomorrow so I wi grab an RR at the same time. If replacing the RR doesnt help than we know it's not that hahaha. I'll just take it back.
  14. I got 13.45 off the battery with key off, 13 with the key on and it drops way down to 6.5 when I try to start....prolly a dud.
  15. Multimeter on DC, test to battery 13.45 volts. When I turn on Bike and run it at 3000 rpm I get no change in volts. Multimeter on ohm, motor off checked yellow wires on stator ground and got 0. Multimeter on ohm, motor off checked yellow wires to yellow wires on stator and got 1.6. Multimeter on AC, motor on got the reading going up well will rpms eg: about 3000rpm was around 60 and so on. Im going to the hardware store right now to buy some wire and shrink tube to do the free power mod. How do I do a battery load test?? Is that when I test bike off and key off, than key on and than try to start and make sure it stays above 9.5 during start? (thats what youtube says)