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  1. SHOEI VFX-DT off road. http://www.motodepot.com/images/products/2380/resize_02-510.jpg SHOEI Z-II street. http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/13/9b/autoMotorsportsAccessoriesAllShoei_Shoei_Z_II_Metallic1.jpg
  2. fdr1371

    Anyone wearing a Shoei VFX-DT?

    Uh yeah - I just went to a local shop to try one on. Fit you ask? Like a glove - to say the least... Just like a Shoei should. Baaaaaaaaad Dan. Bad Dan. Bad, bad, bad, Dan... Placing an order tonight! $380 w/ free 3-day shipping.
  3. Looking for a second/DS helmet - last week I tried on about 7-8 different brands of off-road. Cheap to $$$. Nothing seem to fit really well or as comfortable as I'm used to street helmet fit. I've been wearing SHOEIs now for about 15 yrs - and they fit me like a glove. So I started looking at the Shoei VFX-DT. I don't mind the cost - my Z-II was mid $3 I think. Just concerned about fit/feel. Comments - good/bad are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. fdr1371

    Found the truck I want

    And until Dodge fixes their notoriously horrible trannys - I'd stay far away. Bad enough with the 318 - put that 360 in there in you are just asking for trouble. YMMV
  5. I watched a video on the news the other night of $4 to $4.50/gal in NYC... Let's see if I can find it. http://kstp.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=166589 I try to ride my KLR everyday unless I know it's going to downpour all day. 50 MPG. But then we have this thing called winter... I was just checking www.gasbuddy.com and pretty much all the places i checked had lows in the $2.80s/gal and highs over $3.00/gal. And it isn't even Memorial Day weekend yet???
  6. fdr1371

    More idiots on 4 wheels...

    Any of you SoCal boys know if that was from the LA River?
  7. fdr1371

    It seems I'm moving to North Dakota.

    Better get a snowblower...
  8. Looking for some personal reviews of them. Pros/cons. Likes/Dislikes. I've read a few good reviews - just don't know about ordering boots w/out a test fit in person. http://www.aerostich.com/catalog/US/Aerostich-Combat-Lites-Boots-p-16559.html Figured I'd post in here first - then maybe in the general forum. FYI: my ride is a KLR 650 and I do about 90/10 street/dirt riding Not too much dirt around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area... Thanks everyone.
  9. I know some of you ladies don't frequent the TS forum - so I'll post it here for you. These were about a week or so ago. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v519/fdr1371/baby_2-7-06_modified2_Page_1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v519/fdr1371/baby_2-7-06_modified2_Page_2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v519/fdr1371/baby_2-7-06_modified2_Page_3.jpg My daughter (and thumpette - little does mommy know), Annika Rose. 2/17/06 @ 8:53 pm. 7# 15 oz. 21.5" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v519/fdr1371/annikarose.jpg Took this on my cell-phone (about 2-min after birth), so the quality isn't too great. Swiped a pic while the docs weren't looking (not supposed to have cells on in the labor rooms). Baby and mommy are all well and fine today. I'll fill you in on the details when I bring them back home. I'm on a little break right now, making some phone calls. Thanks for everyone's support.
  10. fdr1371

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    There should be an award for the 2,000,000 view. Holy moly I can't believe how long this thread has lasted - and not been shut down. Props to people for keeping (or trying) it clean.
  11. fdr1371

    Beginner rider...KLR650?

    36" inseam and you are only 6'??? Holy Legs Batman... I'm 6'-4" w/ an inseam of about 35" and the bike fits me perfectly. The vertically challenged guys can chime in anytime... That being said - unless it fits you really well, its not a very good beginner's bike - esp. if your intent is to some offroading that may tend to be slightly "aggressive" where you may need to put your feet down to catch your balance but can't reach.. Also - if indeed this is your first bike - I'd get something w/ much better brakes - ask any KLR owner and they'll tell you how lacking the stock brakes are in comparsion w/ most bikes. Next point is the weight - she tolls in at well over 400#s w/ fuel. Get into situations (we all have/will) that you drop the bike (esp. multiple times say in deep sand) and you'll be cursing 'til the cows come home... Not saying that a 400# bike (or heavier for that matter) can't be picked up - but riding offroad you are bound to drop in once in a while. Picking up a 250/300/400 is a wee bit different than picking up a 650 (like say 100-150#) - esp. if you been riding trails all day. For your needs - and if you do intend to do some DSing - then I'd steer you to a DRZ (or even a KLR 250). In my opinion - a much better bike for your purposes. Yes a KLR (or any 650) can go lots of places - but it needs a fair amount of rider "help" to get it there (read sand, mud, tight single track) as well as bike modifications if you intend to do lots of nasty riding. Now, if you don't intend to ride offroad - I'd point you toward say a Ninja 250/500 or something along that size. Learn how to ride well w/ a small motor and a light bike (because you are going to have to pick that one up sometime as well) vs. having too much bike for your ability. Not the KLR is a HP monster (what 38 or sometrash) but she will get you into trouble if you are not careful. Look for a bike that is 4-5 years old and you should be able to get a good deal. Learn to ride well - then sell and go for your 650 - or heck keep it and have a case of MBD! I'm on my 3rd season w/ my KLR 650 - and I don't ever regret buying it. She is perfect for my riding style. FYI I've been riding for about 15 years - and only until I bought my KLR did I start to ride off-road. Hope this helps.
  12. fdr1371

    my black cloud of bad luck

    Sorry to here that. Best of luck in your search for a new job. Company "downsizing?"
  13. fdr1371

    Places to Ride IN ND

    Cool. Last year there was a fellow from down south that was to be moving to northern MN (arrowhead I think) and was looking for advice on riding up here. Guy had never been in a "real" winter and had no idea why most of us put our bikes up for 6 mo. (nearly 7-8 up there). Welcome back by the way. Why ND - transferring for work?
  14. fdr1371

    Places to Ride IN ND

    You ever been through a ND winter??? Especially those that are w/in spitting distance of Canada?
  15. fdr1371

    Anyone else goonride?

    Goon 1 Goon 2