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  1. May not be the "best" bike, but it's my first!!
  2. Oh my gosh... What a wonderful thread!! So nice to see so many lady's! ..and so so so awesome to hear all of this! I have been hanging out in the shadows of this site for a little bit now just reading and learning, but coming across this thread ..well, I just had to tell you how amazing it is !!! I have a kindle and I have been carrying it around the house all day just reading your stories, researching your bikes and being amazed at what can be learned. Here is me: Age: 34 5'10" 140lbs. New rider that grew up with dirtbikes, it's a long story. Last summer I got very involved with the scene in Utah. I rode a borrowed CRF150, it was awesome. I was totally comfortable and had a blast. Everyone I rode with said the bike was too small for me. After reading all of your thoughts and experiences it has made me realize that it doesn't matter how small the first bike you ride is as long as you get some education and some seat time. Also, it seems that a good majority of you really like the YZ250F ...something to think about. Thanks a lot ladys! Sarah K