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  1. Thanks so much for all your advice! I'm trying to talk with so many people that own dirtbikes and it looks like I'm looking at something like a honda 250. I don't think I'm probably gonna be able to find a street legal one in my price range (but maybe I will if I'm patient enough). Fortunately where I live (Inland Empire) 1.) it's a saturated market with dirt bikes and 2.) when the economy crashed in '07, this area got hit really, really hard. So I'm always finding good deals on pretty much everything out here and hopefully will be able to do the same on a dirt bike. Once I narrow down what I'm looking at, I'll definitely post back here hoping it will help someone in the future.
  2. So I was hanging out with my new neighbor last night and he's got a 450 dirt bike...and I think I'd like to buy one now. Problem is, I have no idea of where I should start. I owned a street bike (98 honda CBR F3 600) about 13 years back for about 1 year, but dirt bikes I'm sure are a completely different beast. I live in the Inland Empire of So Cal and there's lots of places to off road out here (it's very desert like out here). Ideally I'd like to get something that is street legal as well since many of the dirt bike trails can be accessed within a 5 to 10 mile driving distance of my house. I'm not really looking for a track bike but more of a trail bike. I spoke with a friend today that used to ride dirt bikes a lot and he suggested starting out with a 250...said I'd get bored with a 125 pretty quickly. I'm 5'7" and weigh 175, so I don't think I really need something too big (i.e. 450). He mentioned Honda's are great bikes, but KTM's are really nice. I'm looking to find something in the $1000 to $1200 range used, and I'm seeing quite a lot on Craigslist at that price range that seem to be in pretty decent condition (I'll have to take my neighbor with me to help me look for things I don't even know what to look for). My friend explained to look for the "X" model vs the "F" model which he says is a bit more suited for trail riding. So as someone that is newly diving into this new hobby, I'd be curious to hear what suggestions anyone that has experience would have to offer. Thanks!