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  1. Marcus1982

    Any ride reports with the new Pro Circuit Ti6 exhaust?

    Take a photo of the inside of the muffler with spark aresstor removed as to compare to the ti5. And post it up please. im planning on getting either pro circuit ti6 or fmf 4.1rct.
  2. Marcus1982

    New '07 CR250!

    If your running lean it would ping on the main jet and sound feel like it's rattling if your to rich you will feel a lack of pull uptop it just do a plug chop mate the spark plug colour milk coffee Brown your good to go
  3. Marcus1982

    New '07 CR250!

    Yes over rev can be sorted with VHM head and 20.60 cc dome for pump gas my bike makes more power mid to top end , the bottom end feels slightly better maybe because it's jetted correctly and running crisp, Also if your bike feels flat at the top u may be running rich what main jet r u running?
  4. Marcus1982

    New '07 CR250!

    I purchased the VHM head off eBay from a dealer here in Australia and yes the VHM head was worth it!! It eliminated detonation as the VHM 20.60 dome design is optimum for 98 pump fuel. the jetting is spot on no spooge at all just the slightest oil film around the inside of tail pipe I rode motocross all day today and my right side number plate next to muffler was squeaky clean no oil splatters lol it doesn't load up at all even when starting from cold. and the mikuni tmx carb has been easyer to dial in.
  5. Marcus1982

    New '07 CR250!

    Iv run my 07 cr250 in with new honda A cylinder and Honda A piston kit with VHM head and the 20.60cc dome for 98 octane. it has jd jetting red needle 3rd clip 32.5 pilot 1 1/2 turn and 410 main jet , the bike does not ping at all and is very crisp it makes more power mid range and top end is much improved! Low down in the revs feels the same , bike can hold the front wheel off the ground when rolling on in 4th gear as it come onto band, very pleased with VHM head and jd jetting the bike is an arm stretcher!!
  6. Marcus1982

    New '07 CR250!

    I have been following this thread great work camP! I have an 07 cr250 here in australia, I use the mikun carb with JD jetting kit , red needle 3rd clip position, 32.5 pilot and 410 main I run bp ultimate 98 octane fuel at 40:1 with motul 800t2 I get the pinging through 3rd and 4th gear at 3/4 throttle but when I go richer with jetting it bogs and fouls plugs. I ride out door MX and fast fire trails I run the standard ngk br9eg-n-8 spark plug as this was Hondas way to minimize detonation with current jd jetting the plug chops read slightly on the rich side dark choc brown . Bike runs crisp and no bog minimum spooge. Anyway I have pulled the head and cylinder off bike to find scoring on cylinder and piston on the exhast side I'm rebuilding the bike as it was overdue luky as I still had 215psi compression all damage was from below the piston ring. Bottom end still good. I purchased a VHM head with the 20.60cc insert a ones with a 1.50mm squish , hopefully this sort out the pinging. Has anyone here had experience with jetting the bike with a VHM head?