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  1. Buford86

    Best Places to Ride in Michigan

    i would recomend ogemaw sport and trail center. they are close to the trails and have a track on site along with camp sites. here is their website http://www.ogemawtrails.com/
  2. Buford86

    what are our oem foot pegs made out of?

    http://www.ehow.com/facts_6065150_effect-welding-high-carbon-steel.html read the part about the effects of welding high carbon steel. what you are talking about i belive is normalizing and annealing both process raise the temp high and slowly lower the temp to room temp instead of just letting it cool off naturally by letting it sit in the open.
  3. Buford86

    what are our oem foot pegs made out of?

    They are most likely O1 steel it has a higher carbon content than your standard cold rolled steel you can use a mild to hard wire. welding might turn the pegs brittle due to heat.
  4. Buford86

    Why the quad hatred?

    I dont hate quads but its the truth riding bull gap trials is a pain on my bike
  5. Buford86

    1989 XT 350 question...

    that seat looks really good did redo the seat? mine looks all faded and its starting to rip on the seem
  6. Buford86

    Did my bike just blow up?

    carbs are not hard if you do work on the carb just be carefull when you take out the float. PITA to set if you bend it/