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    FT500 Barn Find

    While looking for likely items to restore, I came across a fellow who was cleaning out his storage locker of spares from flat track days. Prior to this, I did not know about the FT500. It's the roadwothy version of my younger days XL500 that I dreamed of; without the height and 23" wheel that I hated. There were 5 FT500s which I got. All were supposed to have been running when parked since they were bought as spares for the motors with a couple of daily drivers. He kept the actual race frame along with along with one spare. They all look to be in good shape with a few rusty pipes and couple of torn up seats, but all look basically rebuildable. I'll have better look this weekend when I move them to my place. I've had a chance to look at them a little better now. Three of them are all there, but have cosmetic issues. The fourth one is almost there, but could be finished off using the definite parts bike. All of the seats are bad and the tanks all seem to have minor dings. But the tanks are all clean and dry inside. The carbs have to be the next step. Rumour has it that the factory set them up leaner than optimum. Is there a better jet combo for them. Also the airbox seems to be restricted mostly by the snorkel thing. It seems like removing it and covering the filter inlet with a screen would help improve flow. Improving flow into the airbox is the method that the Suzuki DR650s take. Or is there another approach? Some of them don't have filters any more. Strangely the side panels are missing on many of them. The one with the rusty pipes has a different muffler and possibly a different carb.
  2. ranchodenieve

    DR650 Cafe Conversion & "New" 1992 bike questions

    I was finally able to sort out my starting problems. A new magneto was needed, but the carb rebuild didn't hurt either. 1st kick now. Now I have completed lowering it by 4 inches. I am going for that old cafe scrambler look. This is a mock up with the new tank, although this will not be the seat that I use. I will be putting different bars on it too. The EMGO muffler fits well and has the right look, but it is not as quiet as I had hoped for.
  3. ranchodenieve

    Starting Problems

    Since it still feels electrical, I measured the trigger coil as 215ohms and the power source coil as 545 ohms which is a bit high as the spec is360, but its not ridiculously high or too low. I wonder if it is time to replace this item.
  4. ranchodenieve

    Starting Problems

    It did start for the PO with spray start. I was not able to start it once I got it home. I rebuilt the carb since it was in horrible shape. It got all new parts including a new slide. I thought that I had an electrical problem and am still not convinced, but after much trying i did get it started. But now I can not get it started again. It is a 1993 DR 650. The carb is set up this way. I have a free flow muffler and a modified air box with a K&N filter. Idle mixture 2 1/2 turns out. Jet needle, 6H11, (adjustable, comes as standard on non USA models) 3rd clip position since this appears to be the stock setup. Needle jet, 642 X-9, (recommended for use with adjustable needle above) Main jet 160 idle jet 55 The original idle jet was a 52.5 with a 155 main jet. I am now unsure where I am since the repair manual that I have mentions different jets as being stock from what I was told was stock when I ordered the new parts. Any ideas would help. Unfortunately, the muffler that I got for it is not the "quiet" muffler that all of the reviews of this muffler claim it to be. In fact it is very loud, like megaphone loud. But it makes the bike sound very hot. Any ideas on the hot start problem. Will the wrong idle speed setting make it difficult to start? Am I way off on the jetting? Bill W
  5. ranchodenieve

    1993 DR 650 Fork disassembly

    I have figured out the tool to use to take it apart. Take a 27mm socket to look for a nut. The one I found was a 3/4" nylon insert nut. It is a different size than the standard 3/4" nut. I used a button head bolt with a nylon insert nut to center the big nut and a regular nut to lock it. It is assembled in the same way as the 30 mm tool for the newer DR650s. It came apart easily with this tool.
  6. ranchodenieve

    1993 DR 650 Fork disassembly

    I am trying to take apart my forks, but the advertized 30 mm tool does not fit. Every instruction seems to be for the post 96 bike. How do you get these apart. What is the correct size nut to use for the older forks. I just wish that everyone would say which bike they are working on when they post instructions.
  7. ranchodenieve

    DR650 Cafe Conversion & "New" 1992 bike questions

    I actually have several street bikes and am working on an RD400 now. But I had an XL500 many years ago and liked it alot. It had the sin of being too tall for me since I have only 30 " legs which is why I sold it. The DR650 is taller. I have always liked big singles, but there are none available for the street now other than the Suzuki cruiser. It's forward controls and and antiquated suspension system actually makes it more difficult & expensive to modify than the DR650 looks to be.The British stuff is too overpriced and the DR650 has a lot of basic advantages over them too. I know that it will cost something to do this, but I am doing all of the work myself. This is also one that I will not be selling.
  8. I just bought a 1992 DR650 that needs some TLC.It's a low miles bike, but has set for a while. It will start easily with spray start, but no easily withouut. So carb work is in order. It also received a really bad flat black paint job that is peeling off of the plastic. This does not matter since I was thinking of converting it to a cafe style street bike. They also cut off the muffler just past the end of the cone coming up from the stock pipe and then attached a spark arrestor to it using a coffee can and hose clamps. Mostly it seems good and rides well, But I have several questions. Has anyone done a conversion to a street only cafe bike The fellow that I got it from traded a truck for it and then decided not to ride much. He only had it for a couple on months He said that the PO had installed a 720 kit in it. How do I tell if this was done. Also it sounds like it could use a valve adjustment. I am womdering if the cams were changed too. Is there an easy way to tell if it has a different cam without taking it apart completely. What is the best intake setup. It seems that they were running it with the air box cover off. The rear shock appears to be an after market model with an infinite adjustment since the body is completely threaded for the preload adjuster. It should be easy to lower, but are there other methods that will help feep more of the travel. Any ideas on lowering the front more than moving the forks up and removing the spacers will get me. How does it respond to cutting the springs.. I am thinking that there are no muffler components in the cone shaped pipe and that it will act as an open megaphone much to the dismay of my nieghbors. Any ideas on a compact exhaust system. I would prefer a lower mount for my application. It has no battery , but it does run without it. Is this part of the hard to start issue or can I run battery free. Is the alternator strong enough to run a brighter light or two. I think this will get me started, but as I get it further apart I will probably have more.