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  1. Hafbakt

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Just brought her home. 1999. With 1100 orig. miles
  2. Hafbakt

    E wheels on an SM

    Thanks for the input. Other than the lack of speedo tabs the bore for the outside diameter of the bearing seal was larger so the stock seals wouldn't work. Looking for a seal with the stock inside dia. but a larger outside dia. (aprx. 38 mm). The stock DRZ bearings fit just like they ought to. The distance between the bearings and to the rotor are the same so the wheel does bolt right up but the seal around the speedo drive casing drags too much so I removed that seal and will use a seal at the bearing face in the hub bore. All I have to do is find a seal that will work.
  3. Hafbakt

    E wheels on an SM

    Could it be an RM wheel? The magnet is on the rotor.
  4. Hafbakt

    E wheels on an SM

    We had a pair of E wheels to use on my friends SM. The back went on without problems. The front however has an anomaly. On the right side of the hub there is no speedo drive tabs. Every thread I've read said the E and S wheels are identical and will all bolt right up on the SM if you switch out the brake rotor. Maybe this difference is irrelevant but I thought I'd check with TT gang. The bike is using a Trail Tech speedo. My concern is the spacing for the wheel to the forks. Any insights?
  5. Hafbakt

    best tire mileage?

    I understand the affect on gearing. How does the bike handling respond to the different tire sizes? I have heard the theory that narrower tires work better in the loose stuff and you can get better tire mileage with the wider tires. but that's about all I've heard. As for what I know, the handling seems to be more of a matter of the actual tread pattern, shape of the tire , grippy-ness of the rubber, and stiffness of the side walls.
  6. Hafbakt

    Ugliest bike ever!

    There is a big difference between true ugly and out of style.
  7. Hafbakt

    best tire mileage?

    They are $58 cheaper than the next size up which is a 130/80 on the same tire (K60) at Revzilla. Will that mostly affect dirt or street riding? My old BMW's ran such a narrow tire on a much heavier bike. They got me everywhere and back. I wonder what I'm trading off to save $58. Thanks.
  8. Hafbakt

    best tire mileage?

    Going for the cheap I'm wondering how the Heidenua 110/80/18 will perform on my S. Any advise on using narrow profile tires? They are $58 cheaper.
  9. Thank you for the responses, adam 728, William 1, and Krannie. We have installed stock exhaust, and next to lean jetting after we pull carb and see what's inside. We'll mess with the cams if the mileage is still too low for a trip to Cabo. Besides the 3x3 previous owner also drilled holes in right side of air box so those will get covered leaving 3x3. My DRZ has 3x3 and JD jets and gets 60 mpg so that is the goal. Am I missing anything?
  10. What effect do the cams have in this situation? I remember increasing my gas mileage in my old VW bus by using a high lift, short duration cam. Of course I understand that its a very different situation. Wondering how they will affect the outcome or be affected by the decrease in flow.
  11. A friend has an 09 DRZ400SM. Its been worked on, Yosh ext, Hot Cams, JD jet kit. I know its sort of sacrilegious but we want to de-tune it to get the gas mileage back up into the 60mpg range. He has the original exhaust but it would be nice not to mess with the cams. What might happen with hot cams, orig exh, rejett, and where should we start with the jets? We're at 1500 ft. elev. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hafbakt

    Jd jet kit installation question

    Good idea, thanks.
  13. Hafbakt

    Jd jet kit installation question

    Usually below 5k ft. Last time I was up around 7k the bike was faltering badly at full throttle, had to back off to keep it going. I had a 150 mj and 27.5 pj with stock needle and an extra washer under the clip, snorkel removed but no 3x3. Finished installing JD jet kit this morning. Now I'm at 1100 ft., 155 mj, 25 pj, Twin filter, 3x3 hole, blue needle 3rd groove. It runs really smooth and accelerates more easily. I'll see how the mpg is after I fill up again.
  14. Hafbakt

    Jd jet kit installation question

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try the JD way and see how it works.
  15. Hafbakt

    Jd jet kit installation question

    I have an 06 S, stock pipe. I've cut the 3x3 in the air box and now I have a JD jet kit to install. I spend the winter in the desert and the summer in the mountains of No. Cal. If I am interested in a smooth running bike and would rather trade a few hp for better gas mileage would the usual 3x3 mod suggested jetting still be the way to go?